SMPT at Claremont March 2-4: “Poured Out Upon Us: The Holy Spirit”

The Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology will hold its 2017 Annual Meeting at Claremont Graduate University on March 2-4th, on the theme, “Poured Out Upon Us: The Holy Spirit.” Over two dozen presenters, including several T&Sers, will speak on a wide range of aspects of Mormon belief, including:

“Deny Not the Manifestations of the Holy Spirit”
—John W. Welch, Brigham Young University

“‘The Spirit Said unto Me Again: Slay Him’: Latter-day Saint Reflections on Divine Violence”
—Patrick Q. Mason, Claremont Graduate University

“Toward a Nephite Pneumatology”
—Joseph M. Spencer, Brigham Young University

“The Family: A Performance of the World”
—Rosalynde Welch, Independent Scholar

“The Transcendence of Flesh”
—James E. Faulconer, Brigham Young University

“‘The Spirit Speaketh the Truth and Lieth Not’: The Complex Theological Intersection of Truth, Scripture, and Hermeneutics”
—Benjamin Spackman, Claremont Graduate University

“Grace and the Baptism of Fire”
—Benjamin Huff, Randolph Macon College

For the full schedule and other information, visit the conference page.