Mormon Theology Seminar Conference

For anyone in or near London this Friday:

In the Hyde Park Chapel
9:00-9:30, James Faulconer, “What is a Mormon Theology Seminar?”
9:30-10:15, Julie Smith, “Huldah’s Long Shadow: Her Impact on the Book of Mormon”
10:30-11:15, Ben Peters, “The Missing Medium: Rereading Revelation as Interruption in 1 Nephi 1″
11:15-12:00, Joseph Spencer, “Why Should Lehi’s Hearers Respond with Violence to His Message of the Messiah? Historical and Theological Suggestions”
2:00-2:45, George Handley, “Dreams, Visions, and Foolish Imaginations: Alternative History as Sacred History in The Book of Mormon”
2:45-3:30, Michael Ulrich, “Joining the heavenly chorus by responding adequately to revelation”
3:45-4:30, Miranda Wilcox, “‘Tender Mercies’ in 1 Nephi, the Psalms, and the Language of English Scriptures”
4:30-5:15, Adam Miller, “Burnt Offerings: Favor, Afflictions, and the Mysteries of God”

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  1. Sounds like great fun! I hope you’ll post a report after the fact for those of us who cannot attend in person.

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