Times and Seasons: The First Year

Ten years is a long time, even in the real world. When Adam put up the first Times and Seasons post on Nov. 19, 2003, there was no WordPress. There was no Bloggernacle. There were just six T&S permabloggers (Nate, Matt, Adam, Kaimi, Greg, and Gordon) and a handful of commenters. Those were the days. Below are links to fifteen or twenty representative posts from the first year, with a few commenter names thrown in to give credit to the early followers of the blog.

Wow. We covered a lot of ground that first year. (I say “we” even though I did not put up my first post at T&S until June 2007.) And I didn’t even get to the guest posts that first year by Richard Bushman and Steve Evans. And Dan Peterson and Bryce Inouye.

Two final items. First, a sincere thank you to all the readers and commenters who have followed and contributed to T&S over the last ten years — it wouldn’t be much fun without you!

Second … I wonder what T&S will be like in ten more years? Will there even be blogs in 2023?

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  1. Thanks for doing this, Dave. It’s fun to think back on this little bit of history. And glad you isolated the genesis of the term “bloggernacle.”

  2. I found T&S in 2004 Googling Linda Hoffman Kimball who was an early guest poster. what a world you all opened up to me!

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