Bloggernacle PSA: fMh Tracy McKay Scholarship

  • “If you haven’t heard around the ‘nacle– The fMh Tracy McKay Scholarship fund drive is in full force!
  • They will be having give-aways all week, so donate now and get your name in early! All people who donate have a chance to win cool stuff like feminist t-shirts, canned goods, subversive bonnets and the grand big awesome Goddess Quilt made out of PANTS!

    Last year many around the bloggernacle rallied together to help the awesome Tracy McKay finish the last few months of her degree when her ward could no longer help her out.

    fMh is keeping the tradition going by helping more single Mormon mothers go back to school.

    You can donate through paypal at fMhscholarship at gmail dot com.

    Legal disclosure: We are hoping these donations will be tax deductible, and they very probably most likely will be. But we are waiting on lawyers and paperwork and can NOT guarantee that they will be tax deductible as of today. We were hoping to know for sure before the fund drive, but life happened and school is about to start and we need to fund this thing. If our 501c3 status goes through before the end of the year (and we fully expect it to) you will be sent a tax-deductible receipt. But life happens sometimes too, so we can’t guarantee it.”