Post Number 6,000

happy-new-year-celebration-with-ribbons-and-confettiI just noticed that this is Times and Season’s 6,000th published post.

Congratulate us or excoriate us as you wish.

10 comments for “Post Number 6,000

  1. Someone want to Ziff that? (Breakdown by author, by topic, by days of the week, possible January effect, mean and variance for number of words per post, mean and variance of comments per post, correlation between words per post and comments per post, comparisons to other group blogs, etc.)

  2. Congratulations, T&S! And aren’t you all also merely months away from your ten year anniversary?

    Dave, I would love to Ziff that, if I could get your database in a nice digestible format. :)

  3. I suspect the original Times and Seasons has been left in the dust, so to speak.

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