Quick Mormon Election Results

Here are the results so far for Mormon candidates running for the U.S. Congress. I will have complete results for all races in the next few days, as they become available. Please let us know your thoughts and about any aspects of the elections that you though important:

U.S. Senate

Elected or remaining in office:

  • *Mike Crapo — Republican, Idaho [Next election for this seat is in 2016.]
  • Jeff Flake — Republican, Arizona
  • *Orrin Hatch — Republican, Utah
  • *Dean Heller — Republican, Nevada
  • *Mike Lee — Republican, Utah [Next election for this seat is in 2016.]
  • *Harry Reid — Democrat, Nevada [Next election for this seat is in 2016.]
  • *Mark Udall — Democrat, Colorado [Next election for this seat is in 2014.] — Does not consider himself LDS, but comes from a historically LDS family.
  • *Tom Udall — Democrat, New Mexico [Next election for this seat is in 2014.]


  • Scott Howell — Democrat, Utah
  • Shaun McCausland — Constitution, Utah
  • Dave VanderBeek — American Independent, Nevada

U.S. House

  • *Rob Bishop — Republican, Utah 1st
  • *Mo Brooks — Republican, Alabama 5th (convert, wife LDS, no longer considers himself LDS)
  • *Jason Chaffetz — Republican, Utah 3rd
  • *Eni F. H. Faleomavaega — Democrat, American Samoa
  • *Darrell Issa — Republican, California 49th (Mother is LDS, he doesn’t consider himself LDS)
  • *Raul Labrador — Republican, Idaho 1st
  • *Buck McKeon — Republican, California 25th
  • Matt Salmon — Republican, Arizona 5th
  • *Mike Simpson — Republican, Idaho 2nd
  • Chris Stewart — Republican, Utah 2nd

Results uncertain:

  • Mia Love — Republican, Utah 4th
  • *Jim Matheson — Democrat, Utah 4th
  • Kyrsten Sinema — Democrat, Arizona 9th (Gay, inactive Mormon and BYU graduate)


  • *Leonard Boswell — Democrat, Iowa 3rd (member of Community of Christ, fka RLDS Church)
  • Jim Bourland — Constitution, Mississippi 1st
  • Floyd Fitzgibbons — American Independent, Nevada 4th
  • Ethan Garafolo — Libertarian, Texas 31st
  • Jonathan Garrard — Constitution, Utah 2nd
  • Chris Henrichsen — Democrat, Wyoming
  • Seth Hollist — Libertarian, Texas 32nd
  • Jay Seegmiller — Democrat, Utah 2nd
  • Soren Simonsen — Democrat, Utah 3rd

While I’d rather not get into discussing the merits of the various gay marriage proposals, I can’t help but observe that both the Maine and Maryland ballot measures passed, leaving opponents without the ability to claim that gay marriage has never been passed by voters in the U.S. [As I understand it, before this the states that allowed same-sex marriage did so as a result of court decisions.]


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  1. My understanding that in MN, it was rejection of a no gay marriage initiative, not approval of gay marriage, and the TV people here are going to great lengths to explain that.

  2. Washington state also has an initiative on the ballot allow same-sex marriage. It’s leading 52%/48% right now with about 400,000 ballots left to count.

  3. Indeed, Julie (5). I said it elsewhere also, but…

    I find it an interesting juxtaposition with the calls for Mormons to fast and pray for Romney before election day. I’m not saying that the brethren weren’t by and large Romney voters, but rather that, when it came down to making a religious statement, they chose to emphasize unity afterwards over divisiveness beforehand.

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