My Notes on Priesthood Session, October 2012

I had planned on giving a brief summary of Priesthood Session tonight; unfortunately, some family/logistical issues kept me from getting to our Church building until well after the session had started, so I’m afraid I missed the first speaker. And I’d planned on bringing my iPad to take notes on, but I accidentally left it at home, and was left with my phone for note-taking. But, in spite of the technical difficulties I faced, it was an enlightening and uplifting session of Conference. Below are my notes, with only the smallest edits for clarity and to fix some autocorrect problems (and virtually no editorial content from me):

Bishop Stevenson: I came in as he was telling a story about a college kid (I think) in Japan who was at a party when somebody pulled out the marijuana. He had the courage to leave the party, along with one of his friends.

There will be times when you have to stand up for right in front of your friends. But there will also be times you have to stand up for your beliefs in front of a computer screen

Reward for courage: happiness and joy. Courage to say no, to say yes.

Elder Perkins: Oath and Covenant of Melchizedek Priesthood. Caution signs. “Beware concerning yourselves.”

Have you been stunned by the falling of a respected priesthood brother?

Deep personal conversion, strong family support: twin guardrails to protect us.

1. Pray always
2. Study ancient, modern scripture connects us to god
3. Worthily participate in ordinances
4. Show genuine love
5. Obey law of tithing. Satan uses greed to knock us off the path
6. Fully living the law of chastity prepares us to stand before God

Pres. Uchdorf: 1938 Piper Cub (he mentioned airplanes this time!)—he and friends restored it
Recently flew F18 with Blue Angels. Different experience than a Piper Cub.

Which experience did he enjoy more? He doesn’t know. In some ways the planes were different, but in some ways the same.

What do these things have to do with this meeting? Our priesthood service differs. Some are inwards that are well-staffed. Others in less-Mormon areas

Special joy that comes from dedicated priesthood service. There is always something imperfect, something to complain about. But in large ward or small branch, we are. Called upon to serve, to bless

Priesthood eternal power, authority of God. Heavenly Father has entrusted priesthood authority to mortals who by definition are imperfect

Humble, full of love to exercise priesthood

Available even if you stumbled in the past through the Atonement

Through discipleship, we may become perfect one step at a time

Pres. Eyring: his boys and girls would be performing service. Can’t tell every father what to do, but can tell us to help our kids develop their spiritual gifts. They’ll be able to see that they’ll be able to reach their full potential.

Help each individually. Pray for inspiration.

Help them aim high.

God loves each of His children.

Eyring sees a place for his daughters, too. They, too, have unique spiritual gifts

Many ways you can touch children’s hearts: communication technology (sounds like maybe an Eyring family spiritual blog?), sports, movies

Pres. Monson: There is nothing in this world that will provide more. Comfort than a testimony. If you don’t have the depth you want, work to get it. If it is deep enough to keep I that way.

Plenty of people who would have a testimony if we would help them

We need to be told we’re worthwhile. We need an opportunity to serve.

Those who have slipped out of activity sometimes need a chance to serve. They can change. Men, unlike leopards, change every day

We have responsibility to see people not as they are, but as they can become.

So what did you think?

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  1. Elder Christofferson was first, and had a very interesting talk on men falling behind, and not growing up and being MEN.

    I think we are going to have more long term discussion over that one, than anything else besides the missionary age change.

  2. Very interesting to see how the first presidency members’ talks were all very similar – IE there are a variety of gifts/personalities. They all have something to offer in priesthood service.

  3. Thanks, Bryan. Like I said, I missed the first talk. But says the second speaker (my first summary) was Bishop Stevenson, not Elder Bednar, so I’ve fixed that.

  4. Bishop Stevenson’s talk included a story that could easily lead one to erroneous, even dangerous conclusions. The Mormons who left the party had happy, successful lives; the Mormon man who stayed was derailed and fallen. False conclusion: avoiding even appearance of evil leads to joy and prosperity; people who suffer bring it on themselves.

    I don’t doubt the story is true and clearly avoiding self destructive behaviors can only put people in better life situations, but grace means we are blessed when we don’t deserve it and life always includes much undeserved affliction. A word acknowledging this would have been helpful.

  5. Let me clarify why I wrote ‘dangerous.’ Deriving such a moral from Bishop Stevenson’s story would lead the prosperous person to think, ‘I earned this, it’s my right to prosper’; And the afflicted person to think, ‘I deserve this, I will wallow in my just punishment.’ Both conclusions lead people away from the Savior.

  6. #7 – Fwiw, if someone took that message from GC, s/he would have to ignore all of the other talks where that message was rejected explicitly.

    There really are some major, stark decisions that have lasting consequences, one way or the other, and I don’t think we can shy from teaching about them out of concern that someone might misunderstand and apply the message too liberally to other situations and consequences that aren’t as lasting.

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