Easter Morn

The hot cross buns in the kitchen are on their final rise; meanwhile, the kitchen smells of cinnamon and allspice and lemon and orange zest.

The lamb shoulder is in the refrigerator, while the lemon panna cotta has set and is staying cool.

The girls play with their Easter baskets and fill up on candy while the hot cross buns rise.

And, in the meantime, He is risen.

Happy Easter.

3 comments for “Easter Morn

  1. Nice perspective moment, Sam. Happy Easter.

    We are spending Easter (and part of next week) in the pediatric intensive care unit this year. :( Our 11-year-old had his seriously ruptured appendix removed early this morning. It was a mess, but he’s much improved since yesterday.

    We’re going to celebrate this great gift — along with a healthy boy — next Sunday.

  2. Happy Easter, Alison. I’m so sorry about your son—I spent a week in the hospital being pumped full of antibiotics after my appendix burst when I was 12. Upside? I could show my daughter my appendectomy scar when I first read her Madeline.

    I hope he has a quick recovery, and enjoy your delayed Easter!

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