Conference Pre-Game

Good morning, Conference viewers. Times and Seasons will once again post session-by-session summaries of Conference by Kent and Dave. Whether you are attending in person, listening on television, iPad, or radio, or will miss a session due to conflicts, we hope the posts add something to your Conference weekend.

Any Conference traditions in your family? Posting session summaries at T&S has become my own personal Conference tradition. We’ve got cinnamon rolls churning in the bread machine, which ought to be a tradition if it isn’t already.

Since I’m posting summaries, I am particularly interested in real-time feeds and want to avoid the buffering delays that accumulate in some online video feeds. So I will probably listen to the audio feed via the Mormon Channel, although that doesn’t provide names and titles of the speakers like a video stream does. Anyone have any helpful technical suggestions?

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  1. FWIW, we listened through the BYUTV iphone app, streamed to our TV using Apple TV.

    Signal was choppy and we lost video (but not audio) for a bit. We didn’t get everything word for word — some of the interruptions were like skips on a record player and we missed some sentences.

    Prior conferences we have listened directly from, and experienced fewer buffering issues.

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