MLB Hall of Fame and Soccer Draft Updates

I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping up with my interest (OK, perhaps mania) with Mormons in sports. Baseball selected the newest members to the Hall of Fame early this month, and both men and women’s soccer have had their drafts, but I’ve missed them both. So, its time to catch up.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I missed anything in either case. As for Mormons in the Baseball Hall of Fame, Jack Morris, known as the best pitcher of the 1980s, came still closer to being inducted, with votes on 67% of the ballots. For fans of perhaps the best known Mormon among former Major League players, Dale Murphy, he received votes on just 14% of ballots — a bit more than he has had recently, but not near his highpoint, and no where near what he needs to make the Hall of Fame.

Will either man eventually be inducted? It is looking significantly less likely. Getting 14% of the vote puts Murphy on the ballot again next year, but that will be his last year of eligibility (unless the veteran’s committee decides to choose him at some point). Morris is less than 10 points short of being inducted and still has two years of eligibility left — which might seem to make it likely. But unlike this year, the writers who vote will be faced with many highly-regarded and well-known new candidates next year and in succeeding years. In 2013 Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, Sammy Sosa all become eligible, making it hard to see how Morris could be selected. His only hope is for a negative reaction to the steroid use among the players in this class.

But Morris’ final year, while the competition from new candidates remains tough, will also bring another possibility for a new (third) Mormon in the Hall of Fame. In 2014, along with Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Mike Mussina, Kenny Rogers, Frank Thomas, another Mormon player becomes eligible: Jeff Kent.

As for soccer, I noticed that one player from Sandy, Utah, Jacob Hustedt, was drafted by the San José Earthquakes as part of the Major League Soccer draft. But, I can’t find any indication that he is Mormon. And my searches of the players drafted into the MLS and the women’s professional league, WPS, didn’t turn up any other possibilities.

I did find one potential future player. Austin Neil is currently serving an LDS mission after playing for the University of Tulsa Hurricanes for 3 years, where he earned College Soccer News and Soccer America Preseason All-America honors. Assuming he returns to the team after he returns from his mission later this year (and assuming he can quickly get back in shape to play), he may be able to get some interest from MLS teams next year.

As always, I’m very interested in suggestions or reports of other Mormons on the professional level.


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  1. “Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mike Piazza, Curt Schilling, Sammy Sosa”

    Bonds, Clemens, and likely Sosa will not get (at least on their first try) because of the steroid scandal. I am not sure how this benefits Morris. I might help not being a scum bag like Bonds or Clemens.

  2. Even removing those three, Chris, makes it tough. Biggio, Piazza and Schilling will, I think, all make it eventually — and it is rare that the induction includes more than 3 names. This year it was just one.

  3. It stuns me that there is not more interest in Murphy. I wonder if his stand on no interviews in the locker room (out of a protest against female reporters in the locker room) is hurting him with media voters.

  4. Kent, do you know of any international LDS soccer players? It seems likely that they are out there, especially in Latin America. A Google search suggests that Brazil’s Elano is Mormon, but I can’t find any reliable evidence of it.

  5. Eric, I doubt that. The issue, IMO, is that Murphy’s stats, like those of many other players, are on the bubble for the Hall of Fame (like Roger Maris, for example). The wikipedia article on Murphy puts it this way:

    “Bill James, father of sabermetrics, says of Murphy, “It certainly wouldn’t offend me to have him in the Hall of Fame. I just wouldn’t advocate it.” James’ “current metric for Hall induction was 300 Win Shares (a complex mathematical equation weighing what players contribute to their team’s victories)….” Murphy stands at 253 Win Shares. James ranks eight Hall of Famers below Murphy.)”

  6. Craig, I don’t know about many — and I haven’t researched to see who among the active players are Mormon. I know of two from Brazil (Tita and Silvio Luiz), one from Argentina (Guillermo Franco) one from Chile (Ricardo Rojas) and one from Colombia (Freddy Rincon) — at least the information I have says they are Mormon. I’ll have to check into Elano.

    Since I’m here in Brazil at the moment, it may be a little easier to find out.

    But remember, for people outside of the U.S. finding out whether or not they are Mormon is even more difficult.

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