Here’s my wild-eyed claim for the day: religion is about the world, not about religion.¬†Which do you talk about at church?

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  1. I’ve never met him, but I’d like to. I’m mostly stuck just talking about things like grace as they show up in ordinary people and things. (Or, of course, in a pinch, religion.)

  2. I’d love to hear people talk about anything ‘church’ at church. They do a little in the classes, but in the halls and between classes… it’s all world. Motorcycles, sports, kids, jobs, money, …. anything but gospel.

  3. The first time I argued with my dad about whether the song “Imagine” was satanic or not (apparently this was a fairly common, er, meme in the bygone days of paranoia about rock music), it occurred to me that religion was a decidedly worldly enterprise, necessary but worldly, a means to more dignified, enduring (but still material) ends. Its purpose, of course, is to bring about a perfected world in which there is no religion.

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