Schedule (abridged)

Friday, October 28

9:00 am: Decorate church building

6:30 pm: Ward Halloween party

Saturday, October 29

12:00 pm: Halloween Fest at Gethsemane Gardens

2:00 pm: Trick-or-Treat at Andersonville stores

7:30 pm: Midnight Circus at Franken Plaza

Sunday, October 30

11:00 am: Church

Monday, October 31

~5:00 pm: Neighborhood trick-or-treat

Happy Halloween!

8 comments for “Schedule (abridged)

  1. you forgot a few others we had this week: the office party, the karate party, the school parade, the mother-in-law’s family party, the neighborhood spook house, the halloween dance recital, the halloween piano recital, the ladies’ witch luncheon, and the trunk-or-treat.

    since when did this become a bigger holiday season than Christmas?!

  2. Reserve time for buying/baking the Halloween-themed cookies/cupcakes for taking to the women on the visiting teaching list — double up on the purchase/baking so there are enough for the husbands who suddenly discover they can’t home teach on the last day of the month and want to leave a plate of goodies in lieu of home teaching.

  3. Reminds me of how my PC used to get attacked by pop-ups, viruses, and clever spam. Then I fought back! Seems like our holidays during Oct, Nov, and Dec are getting attacked. It’s hard to not “click” on the next pop-up. But I have to admit, I’m pretty boring, so that part of the reason I see it this way.

  4. I don’t have a lot of time (as you can see from the schedule), but I do want to say, I’m not complaining. I love celebrating holidays, and especially Halloween. It’s one of the few holidays that lets you just have fun, without any debate over whether you’re missing the True Meaning of the Season. You just need a 50s horror rockabilly soundtrack, candy, a costume, a couple kids, and a bunch of celebrations nearby.

  5. Ardis, in my 26 years of marriage, I have never baked for my husband’s home teaching families. I figure if they need a treat, he can make it himself. :)

    Now, I need to go. I’m hosting a party for 50–70 homeschool teens in two hours. (And, yes, they really do know how to socialize.)

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