Ecce Theologus

Joseph Spencer is indispensable. He is the “not-thoughtless” and the “never-glosses-over.” Just as the law can only be kept by those who try to love rather than obey, Joe keeps theology by giving it away to scripture. I always agree, by way of critique, with everything Joe says. Ecce theologus.

3 comments for “Ecce Theologus

  1. I wish we were all like Joe Spencer. Imagine what life would be like if we could all think on scripture as he does! It would make for an amazing world….

    Of course, Adam Miller isn’t too far behind on that scale, either…

  2. I rarely post comments there but Feast Upon the Word is a fantastic blog that never gets the attention of the big boys. But it’s managed to retain it’s quality and high signal to noise ratio for a surprising number of years.

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