Times & Seasons Welcomes Sam Brunson

Times & Seasons is excited to introduce Sam Brunson as our latest guest blogger.  Sam grew up in the suburbs of San Diego and served a Brazilian mission what seems like a millennium ago.  He went to BYU as an undergrad and found that a freshman saxophone performance major made his eventual English major look like a practical choice.   After toying with teaching critical theory or becoming an author, he did what all good English majors do and chose law school.  At Columbia, he met his wife, got a degree, and got a job as a tax associate at a New York firm.   Several years later, he managed to escape the clutches of big law and landed a job teaching tax and business law at Loyola University Chicago.  While Sam, sadly, does not play much saxophone these days, he and his wife do have two beautiful girls with whom he loves to spend time when he’s not pondering important questions like whether the transactional net margin method of transfer pricing constitutes an arm’s length price within the interquartile range.

4 comments for “Times & Seasons Welcomes Sam Brunson

  1. Welcome Sam. There’s always room for another lawyer around these parts.

  2. Thanks, Marc. I’m always happy to represent two underrepresented constituencies in the Bloggernacle: the lawyer and the law professor.

  3. Welcome, Sam! I thought I should even up the score between lawyers and economists–at least for the time being.

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