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0-a-MNeilLast week Major League Baseball held its most important annual draft, indicating interest in more than 1,500 possible players. As far as I can tell, just two of them are Mormon, down from 6 last year.

I’ve diligently searched the list of those drafted for other Mormon players, but I wasn’t able to identify anyone as Mormon, based on articles and web pages that turned up in my searches. Of course, there are likely some who are Mormon, but I couldn’t find any indication of that.

The two LDS players drafted were both BYU players, and both were drafted in the 29th round:

  • Matthew Neil (pictured above) was chosen 883rd overall in the draft by the Florida Marlins. Neil is from Phoenix, AZ, where he attended Westwood High School. He served an LDS mission to Queens, New York, is married and is currently a senior at BYU. According to BYU’s Sportsuniverse, Neil signed a contract to play for the Marlins organization over this past weekend.
  • Las Vegas native Taylor Cole was chosen a few spots later (889th overall) by the Toronto Blue Jays. A graduate of Bishop Gorman High School, scouts have been after Cole since before his High School graduation, and he was drafted in 2007 (as a High School senior) in the 26th round (806th overall) by the Dodgers and in the 31st round (948th overall) of the 2008 draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks, both prior to serving an LDS mission to Toronto. Although he is just a sophomore at BYU, Cole also signed with the Diamondbacks this past weekend, according to Sportsuniverse.

While it does make sense that fewer LDS players would be drafted this year, after an extraordinary year last year, I didn’t expect just two players drafted, and I suspect that other drafted players are Mormon but haven’t served missions or expressed interest in serving an LDS mission, which is the primary way that their religious beliefs become known. Of course, I’d welcome any additional information about Mormon players in baseball.

For those interested, here are those drafted in 2010:

  • Bryce Harper — 1st round (1st overall) by the Washington Nationals (signed)
  • Marcus Littlewood — 2nd round (67th overall) by the Seattle Mariners (signed)
  • Jacob Borup — 23rd round (711 overall) by the Philadelphia Phillies (signed)
  • Jace Brinkerhoff — 38th round (1164th overall) by the Los Angeles Angels (did not sign – was senior at Utah Valley in 2010)
  • Jacob Hanneman — 48th round (1439th overall) by the Kansas City Royals (did not sign – currently serving LDS mission before beginning studies at BYU)
  • Garrett Nash — 39th round (1171 overall) by the Arizona Diamondbacks (did not sign – currently sophomore at Oregon State, after serving LDS mission)

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  1. I served with Matthew Neil in Queens (well, I was in Brooklyn, but it was the same mission). I’m happy for him (really, he’s a great guy), but I WILL NEVER VOTE HIM FOR AP AGAIN!!!!

  2. Yeah, and Jake Borup was in my ward growing up. So were John Beck and Max Hall.

    I played the cello.

  3. YEah, and I also grew up with Jacob Borup. And Max Hall and John Beck (we were all in the same ward). We had a talented ward.

    I played the organ.

  4. Kent, I always enjoy your articles on LDS athletes. Wasn’t there another LDS kid out of Spanish Fork, Adam Duke, who was drafted in the 16th round of the 2010 draft by the Boston Red Sox? I beleive he did not sign and is also at Oregon St.

  5. Kent,

    You’ve mentioned that you have 72 LDS who have played MLB. I have 79 on my list. I would like to see your complete list and share my list with you. Is there an easier way to get in touch with you?

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