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Twitter-LogoAfter years of ignoring/making fun of it, I’ve finally gotten into Twitter. It lets me keep up with the people that I’m not close enough to to friend on Facebook. It also has cool feeds for things I’m interested in, but wouldn’t follow otherwise (like the new MESSENGER probe to Mercury and Cassini on Saturn. I love getting updates from our exploratory spacecraft! ).

Once I got into it, I started looking for my bloggernacle friends and idols. I discovered (a) that it’s not easy to find people on Twitter, and (b) that in spite of the great Mormon blog presence, I’m not seeing a Mormon Twitter presence. So I’m putting this post up as a “bloggernacle Twitter directory”. If you have a Twitter account and you want to let people know about it, put it in the comments below.

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  1. Actually, if you check out some of the Twitter lists people have created, there are already some Mormon-themed directories. For example, see:!/thmazing/mormon-arts



    None of them are as comprehensive as one might like (except for Theric’s), but they provide a good start.

    Which is not to discourage anyone from posting their twitter handle here, of course.

  2. I’ve never really been a part of the bloggernacle, and I rarely tweet about LDS stuff, but I do lurk and comment here sometimes. (Some of my best virtual friends are Mormon bloggers!) Anyway, @BTDGreg

    I agree that finding people (especially non-celebrities) is Twitter’s biggest weakness.

  3. I also joined Twitter very recently. It never really was my thing. When I found out it had links to articles and blogs, I was happy. I just wouldn’t see the point of little plithy statement strands leading nowhere. My sister is sold on it now too. When she took a Master’s class for Communication, she was converted to fb but was still against Twitter. She finally joined twitter for work. Well, I’m not really known too much in LDS blogs although I used to blog at Helamans-Army and also guest blogged for Anne gb, If you want to find me, I’m bkbsmiles

  4. I actually just started a new Twitter account specific to my re-named site: @ImprovementEra – I figured I’d give my non-interested-in-mormonism followers a break and stop spamming them with my #mormon content from my personal account ;)

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