A Mormon Image: Temple Lovers

Temple Lovers
The night after we buried my mother, in a hill at the foot of the Wasatch from where her second favorite temple can be seen. Her favorite was Logan, where she was sealed to my father, who would soon follow her to the grave.

By Bill of Wasilla at Running Dog Publications and Wasilla, Alaska by, 300…


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2 comments for “A Mormon Image: Temple Lovers

  1. A great image.

    I just returned from burying my grandfather. I was a pall-bearer. We walked out of the chapel with the casket, and walking out the doors were immediately confronted with the Redlands, CA temple. I was absolutely struck; a very moving experience.

    I think part of the profundity of temples – one of the reasons why temple pictures dominate our “Mormon Images” feature, is because of how they meaningfully unify our lives – not merely our most sacred experiences in life, but likewise our experience and understanding of death.

  2. I have visited SLC many times and I always take time to visit Temple Square, I do the same in any city I visit where there is a Temple. I am drawn like a moth to a flame to Temples. Especially this one.

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