T&S Introduces Dane Laverty as its Newest Blogger

Almost two months to the day that we invited him to guest, Dane Laverty has continued to blog with us at a prodigious pace.  We are now happy to report that he is a guest no longer, but will be joining T&S as a full-time blogger.

Dane is a resident of Salem, Oregon and Sacramento, California. He graduated from BYU in contemporary dance, supports his family as a computer programmer, and is attending Willamette University as a business student. He is also a prolific reader and — as we have seen — blogger.

We certainly look forward to more of his thought-provoking posts in the months and years to come. Welcome aboard Dane.

5 comments for “T&S Introduces Dane Laverty as its Newest Blogger

  1. Hi Dave… Good to have you here. I was born in Salem, OR and I grew up near there, before moving to British Columbia, Canada as an adult. SAalem is a lovely place! My brother & his wife, who are LDS members live there too, so maybe you’ll meet them someday. Where can I find your blog please? Presently, I’m not an LDS member, but I’m a serious investigator. T & S and the online Meridain eZine are faves of mine, and I’d love to be able to read your blog too, when Ifind it online!


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