A Mormon Image: Grandparents


This photo was taken the week before we moved across the country and left all of our family back home.   Just a warm summer evening, feeding the ducks with Grandma and Grandpa, and enjoying the experience.  I never understood why people said it was great to be a grandparent, until I became a parent myself.  Though some days as a young mom seem rough rather than fun, I cherish the moments that I get to kiss their warm cheeks, hug their small bodies, and then out of the blue they say “I love you mom”.   When my little ones are grown and having children of their own, I know I will look forward to those same moments; those same little hands; those same sweet faces, of my grandchildren.

by Dana Willard of 88 Miles Per Hour


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5 comments for “A Mormon Image: Grandparents

  1. We are up to 12 grandkids now. It is fascinating seeing how the characteristics of their parents and grandparents show up in them, and how each of them is a unique individual. There is nothing comparable to the adoration you get as a grandparent.

    The picture is great, with the silver hair of the child and the granddad reinforcing their connection.

  2. Thanks, Dana, this is great.

    (And for those who haven’t clicked through, Dana’s blog has a whole array of great pictures.)

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