A Mormon Image: Sweaters for the Penguins


The sweaters that these penguins are wearing are designed to save their lives after oil spills off of the Australian coast. They were knitted by Aussie Relief Society sisters. Who says that LDS service projects aren’t fun? (And as Nate asked last time: Who got to put them on the penguins?)

(Picture courtesy of LDS Newroom; originally linked in this prior T&S post.)

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13 comments for “A Mormon Image: Sweaters for the Penguins

  1. Derek, at that point the boy penguins get suits and ties so they can pass the sacrament, and the girl penguins really need to start wearing sweaters with sleeves.

  2. The earnest penguin in green appears really excited about sweater fashion, his/her orange clad friend just looks a bit confused by it all. I don’t knit, but I would learn how if there were to be a worldwide appeal for penguin “purled” protection.

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