T&S is now on Facebook

No, we haven’t moved to facebook. But we have a page on facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/TimesandSeasonsorg/94901729600 — so those of you on facebook can add our page to your profile, share favorite posts and give us feedback and suggestions.

The posts on our facebook page include all the posts that appear here, making it easy to share the posts you like with your friends on facebook, and tell us that you like a post, even if you don’t have a comment. Facebook readers can also add discussion topics, post reviews, and give us feedback about how we’re doing. We would love to hear everything you want to tell us.

We’re new to this, so please be patient while we figure it all out. We hope that this will be a useful adjunct to our homepage, something that our readers will find useful, and that will allow new readers to find us (so please, share the posts you like with your friends!).

10 comments for “T&S is now on Facebook

  1. Not finding it … Can you provide a link?

    (The first two search results were definitely not you…)

  2. Seeing pictures of you all will make it more difficult to think evil thoughts when I disagree with what you’ve written. This is a good thing.

  3. That’s awesome this site is now on FB, that will be good to see the new blogs that are up. I come to this site often, but have never actually posted anything.

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