Notes From All Over For Week Ended July 4

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  1. h. – how could any rational American vote to give Sarah Palin the presidency for four years if she cannot manage to complete a governorship of a small state for four years? I honestly hope that she is leaving politics, and for the reason that it is wearing down her family. But I doubt it. I think the reason is that another shoe is about to drop, over who built her house in Wasilla and what kind of government contract that company eventually got. People usually get jail time for things like that.

    ab. – Democrats and liberals would love to see Mitt Romney be the nominee. Then again, frankly, there isn’t a Republican that truly threatens Democrats in 2012.

  2. Dan, I think you are jumping the gun there a little bit mister. But if it came down to a choice (horror of horrors) between Palin and Obama, I wouldn’t think twice.

  3. In Palin’s favor of course. Obama might as well be reading from “How to ruin a country in ten easy steps”.

  4. Just


    Who is this Mitt Romney? The same one…er… well at least the one who presented himself in 2008 as some hardcore conservative. That Mitt Romney. Democrats would love for him to show up as their opponent in 2012. Then again, if the moderate, rather sane Mitt Romney showed up, Democrats would have trouble.

    Mark D.,

    And you wonder why I dare ridicule Republicans. You guys have jumped the shark if you really associate yourself with someone like Sarah Palin.

  5. Dan, you are wasting your time. Palin is a soon to be private citizen that in my opinion is neither prepared nor likely to become the Republican presidential candidate anytime soon. We could spend all day questioning the opposition’s political sanity, and without a narrow, remotely on-topic focus it would be a completely worthless exercise.

    I reply occasionally to provide a small balance to the unjustified ad hominem and argument free characterizations and insults that you tend to render at the drop of a hat. And worse, I feel like I am being dragged down to the level of a political hack every time I do because space does not allow for a proper argument – especially when it is largely off topic.

  6. Mark,

    I’ll have a rational discussion with you if you take a rational position. When you say that if it came between a choice between Obama and Palin, you’d not even think twice and pick Palin, I’ll continue to think you’re not rational. You don’t have to pick Obama. You don’t have to like the guy. You don’t have to support him. What you do have to do to be considered rational, is to support someone who IS rational. Sarah Palin is not rational.

  7. Dan, I could say that I think President Obama is a pathological liar who has a more counterproductive agenda than Huey Long and it would be a more readily defensible assertion than “Sarah Palin is not rational”.

  8. No it wouldn’t Mark. But if you really want to try that out, feel free to come over to my blog and make that argument there. There’s no need to put T&S readers through that.

  9. I have to admit, that when I read that Palin resigned, my first thought was that there’s some dirt on her that’s about to go public.

    She only had something like 16 months to go as Governor. There would have been plenty of time to finish her term and then campaign for the 2012 election. I can’t see her running for pres, but I thought she might get another shot at VP. Now, I don’t think she has any chances for national office. I also don’t see her having a chance for a senate or house seat from Alaska now, either.

  10. Sarah P. could wait 10yrs and still be younger than Reagan was when he first was elected governor. Maybe she wants to go on the lecture circuit (as RR did, beginning with the 8yrs he was with General Electric, ’54 thu ’62).

  11. The only dirt anyone is going to find on Palin is that which has been heaped upon her by idiot activists who value their agenda more than the truth.

  12. d-Interesting that this interview was removed. I was curious about the claim of Joseph Smith performing animal sacrifices. This would be news to a lot of scholars & historians if it could be proved. But, this could have been something quoted out of context, or something like the quotes that Hugh Nibley took to task in “The Myth Makers”.

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