FHE Lesson #9

Lesson #9: Prophets

This is a choose-your-own-adventure-ish sort of a thing.

You’ll need ten envelopes for this one. Each envelope will have something written on the outside and a piece of paper on the inside. The As are what you put on the outside of the envelopes; the Bs go on the inside of that same envelope. (Clear as mud?) At each location, read what is on the outside of the two envelopes and then let the kids pick which to open. If they pick one where “repent?” is an option, ask them if they want to try again. Hide the first two envelopes near your TV and then give your kids a clue so they’ll know to look near the TV.

A I will follow the guidelines that the prophets have set and will not choose to watch things that are violent or graphic or otherwise not OK.
B My mind will be free from impure thoughts and the Spirit can be with me. I can advance to the [toy area]!

A I will watch whatever I want to watch.
B My mind will be full of impure thoughts and the Spirit cannot dwell with me. Repent?

Hide these two envelopes in the toy area:
A Even when I am angry, I will not tease, yell at, or say unkind things to anyone.
B The Spirit can dwell in our home and it will be a peaceful, happy place. I can advance to the pantry.

A If I’m really mad, I might tease or yell or say unkind things.
B The Spirit can’t dwell in our home and there is a lot of meanness. Repent?

Hide these two envelopes in the pantry:
A I will follow the Word of Wisdom.
B I can have the Spirit with me and have the best chance to be healthy. Advance to the [library or bookcases or where homework is done]!

A I might try wine or beer or cigarettes once.
B The Spirit can’t dwell with me and it is more likely that I will have health problems. Repent?

Hide these two envelopes in the library area:
A I will follow the counsel of the prophets to get all of the education that I can.
B I will be able to reach my potential and best serve others. Advance to the entryway!

A I won’t do my best in school all the time.
B I may not reach my potential or be able to serve others as much. Repent?

Hide these in the entryway:
A I will share the gospel.
B I will be blessed and see others be blessed by the gospel.

A I don’t want to go on a mission—too much work!
B I will miss out on blessings. Repent?

This is meant to be heavily supplemented by discussion of the consequences of (not) following the prophet as you go along.

3 comments for “FHE Lesson #9

  1. July 7, 2009 at 9:12 am

    If you keep this up and your boys ever reach the point where they really don’t want to talk about churchy things, they’re still going to be willing to come to FHE just to see what fun way you’ve come up with to present the lesson. I’m loving these lessons, Julie.

  2. John
    July 10, 2009 at 1:02 am


    Thanks for posting these FHE lessons. I have a topic idea for another of your FHE lessons.

    On August 23rd, another temple will be dedicated in the Salt Lake Valley. We received a letter from the 1st Presidency today with instructions that all normal ward meetings on that day will be cancelled so that all worthy members over eight years old (with a special, one-use-only temple recommend in hand) can go to their stake center to witness the temple dedication and participate in the sacred Hosanna Shout.

    What would you teach your children to prepare them for this experience?

  3. Jeanna
    July 15, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    I just want to thank you for sharing your FHE ideas. I’m excited to try this idea next monday! I recently started listening to mormon channel radio on lds.org. I got to listen to the Young Women’s broadcast today. I wanted to tell people about it. Have a great day!

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