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  1. (#12)

    My Grandfather attended the Granite Seminary with Frank Moss. Moss’ father was one of the first instructors at the seminary and my grandfather (who has been gone for a decade now) had classes from him.

    My Grandmother attended South High School (now used at part of Salt Lake Community College along State Street). Back then Granite was almost viewed as a rural school. I grew up out east and heard stories about the Salt Lake of their youth. That Salt Lake is gone.

  2. #33 – I assume that for as long as they have had their own temples that polygamists have been baptized for the dead. What this should say is that Latter-day Saints are being baptized for dead polygamists.

  3. #4 – On Romney criticizing Obama, it’s just a matter of IOIYAR (It’s Okay If You Are Republican).

    #17 – Remember anti-abortion foes, the Church does think abortion is okay in some instances, one in particular when the mother’s life is in danger. If you make it impossible for doctors to work on late term abortions (I hear there is only one doctor left in the whole country!), many mothers out there might end up dying because they were unable to get the procedure done that would have otherwise saved their lives. As a husband, I say this clearly, my wife is a greater priority to my life than the unborn child in her belly. Please tone down the rhetoric against abortion doctors. There are indeed crazy people out there who WILL take matters into their own hands and use terrorism against law abiding folk. You may disagree with the law, but a Dr. Tiller was lawful.

    #21 – Awesome! I hope they have no beard rule… :)

    #56 – Did we have it coming?

  4. #11. Gobo Fango, Xhosa youth brought to Utah. The link won’t connect for me, but a search can turn up lots of other links.

    Gobo Fango came from South Africa as a young boy in the same party as my ancestors, in company with Charles Talbot. My GGGrandfather, Eli Wiggill, described the journey in detail in his journal, which is also online.

    The histories differ. The latest report has Gobo Fango being threatened with servitude by slavers in St. Louis. Wiggill’s eyewitness history has him being sought for release by abolitionists in Chicago.

    Some histories have the Talbots treating him as a loved family member, and others as a servant who lived in a shed behind the house, and who sold him to the Edward Hunter family of Grantsville. The Talbots had him sealed to them after his death.

    Gobo Fango herded sheep for the Hunters, and eventually acquired his own herd and lived independently, until he was killed in a range dispute by a cattle rancher in Idaho.

    His story is an interesting intersection of Africa, Mormonism, immigration, the Civil War, Utah, emancipation, and range wars.

  5. Dan – On #56, it’s the source of that commentary that is of interest, at least for me.

  6. I love the Archuleta excuse in #24. Dude, just admit nobody will remember you in a year and you have to sell cds while you have the chance. Singing crap pop music isn’t serving any kind of mission.

  7. Marc,

    It was an interesting source. I was a bit disappointed by some of the comments, but then again, I’ve run into controversy on Daily Kos when I’ve written to defend the church on occasion.

  8. Eric (2): I’ve always assumed that there were still a few fundamentalists who were lying to stay on the Church rolls and get recommends. [Hence the reason for the temple recommend question about afiliation with apostate groups.] The FLDS Temple only solved the fundamentalist problem of access for those who managed to keep their membership in the FLDS Church. The rest of the polygamists still have trouble getting access if they don’t lie to LDS bishops.

  9. JJohnsen (7) wrote:

    I love the Archuleta excuse in #24. Dude, just admit nobody will remember you in a year and you have to sell cds while you have the chance. Singing crap pop music isn’t serving any kind of mission.

    You’re probably right. But the Donny Osmond example has to make any LDS celebrity in a similar position wonder…

  10. #6 — ITA

    #7 –EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    #37–seriously, who cares? get off people’s facebook pages and leave them alone. the only thing I hate about women…how we are so judgemental ESPECIALLY when it comes to parenting. where does this need to be superior come from? I enjoyed the comments on the page much more.

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