FHE Lesson #8

Lesson #8: Talking to Heavenly Father

Some ideas for this lesson:

(1) You’ll need two telephones for this one. Use one phone to call the other phone and have one of your children answer it. When they answer say, “Hi this is your Mom and I want you to clean your room and help me make dinner and then cut the grass talk to you later bye.” as fast as you can. Ask the child how he felt about that conversation. Then hand the phone to another child, call him, and say (slowly), “Hi, it is your Mom. How are you? Thanks for cleaning your room yesterday. Is there anything you need me to help you with? (pause for answer). Will you please clean it again today? (pause for answer) Hey, it has been nice talking to you. Thanks for all you do to help our family. I love you! Bye!” Ask that child how he felt. Explain that if we aren’t careful, our prayers can be like the first phone call (and how do you think God feels about those?); we need to work to make them more like the second phone call.

(2) This is a nice little activity from the Friend. I think I will print a copy for each child, cut out each piece with words or pictures, put them in an envelope, have the kids assemble and glue the sheet, and then talk about each item, as well as having them do the coloring part. You can explain that prayer is like a puzzle with many pieces, but our leaders and doctrine help us put the pieces together so that our prayers can be effective and we can have a deeper relationship with God.

(3) This, this, and this have some fun ideas that you could use.

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  1. I am just crazy about this lesson! So simple and profound. It will be thought provoking for all ages from my 3 year old to me and my husband. Thanks so much for your posts. I have you on my bookmarks blog, I love your posts. Take care.

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