Times & Seasons Welcomes Robert Ricks

Times & Seasons is happy to introduce our next guest blogger, Robert Ricks.  A native of Provo, Utah, Robert served in the Italy Padova Mission and graduated from BYU in Comparative Literature. He studied Arabic for a year in Cairo, Egypt, before embarking on his graduate studies in Arabic at Georgetown University. This past academic year, Robert put his studies on hold to teach at BYU, and he is currently in Amman, Jordan as a co-director of BYU’s intensive Arabic Study Abroad Program. He will return to DC this fall to complete the final stretch of his PhD. In his free time, Robert enjoys running and playing the organ. He is blessed with a fantastic wife, a caring family, and better friends than he deserves.

8 comments for “Times & Seasons Welcomes Robert Ricks

  1. Ahlan wa sahlan! My husband and I did intensive Arabic back when they barely managed to convince enough students to go so they didn’t have to cancel it. I hear things are a little different now. I’m looking foward to your posts.

  2. Robert! What a surprise. I was reading that post above in my Google Reader and was like, uh huh, thats the Robert I know, yep, he did that, Goergetown, uh huh, oh my goodness, small world! Congrats on the new blog gig. Always a great site to read and since I know you, I will be sure to hunt down your posts — make them good!

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