FHE Lesson #4

Lesson #4: We Are Free to Choose

Prepare a plate of food containing things your kids love and things they hate. (Maybe chocolate chips cookies and broccoli.) Explain that you are going to choose what each person gets. Hand each family member some broccoli. Then ask how they feel. Explain that no one likes to be forced to do things or to have their choices ignored.

Explain that in heaven, we were free to choose if we wanted to follow Jesus or follow Satan. On earth, we are also allowed to choose.

Prepare 10 notecards (or similar) by writing GOOD CHOICE on five cards and BAD CHOICE on the other five. Discuss what the consequences are of making good choices and bad choices and write these things down on the backs of the card. For example:

on back of GOOD CHOICE cards:
–I feel peace
–I am happy
–it is easier to make a good choice the next time

on back of BAD CHOICE cards:
–I feel angry
–it is easier to make a bad choice next time
–I don’t have the Spirit with me

Now spread out all of the cards so that the side that says good or bad faces up. Give some examples of choices and let your kids pick the appropriate cards. For example, you might say that you visit a friend who has a LEGO minifig that you really like and you are alone in your friend’s room and so you decide to slip it into your pocket and keep it. Let the child pick the bad choice card, read the back, and talk about how that would work.

Summarize by saying that choosing to obey God makes us happy. Emphasize that we always have a choice.

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  1. Interesting, you don’t say what to do with the cookies… Good choice or bad choice?

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