Saturday Afternoon Session Notes

Since we’re not doing open threads during the sessions of conference, we’re trying to start comment threads at the end of the session, so that once you have heard and thought a little about the entire session and the individual talks.

So take your notes during the sessions, and let us know after the session is over.

Here’s a few thoughts on Saturday Afternoon’s session of conference. I’d welcome your thoughts also.

President Uchtdorf conducted and read the callings and sustainings, which included the replacement of the Sunday School Presidency and the Presidency of the Young Men and a number of new members of the Quorums of the Seventy and Area Authorities. Notable: Elder Joseph Wafula Sitati, first African member of the Seventy.

The statistical report included the following:

  • Stakes 2,818
  • Missions 348
  • Districts 622
  • Wards and Branches  28,189
  • Members  13,508,509
  • Children of Record  123,502
  • New converts  265,593
  • Full time missionaries  52,494
  • Temples  128

Deaths since last conference included one I hadn’t known about: Daniel H. Ludlow, former BYU Professor and editor of the Encyclopedia of Mormonism.


  • Elder M. Russell Ballard — Told the story about he was Salt Lake City’s first, and last, Edsel dealer, in spite of his father’s suggestion that he pass on the dealership. Suggested that there are limits to the spiritual usefulness of the Internet: “You can’t do a google search to gain a testimonty. You can’t text-message Faith.”
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook — Salvation. Tells of Charles Dickens’ views of Mormon Converts traveling to New York on the ship Amazon. Emphasized being non-judgmental and kind to others: “It is equally important that we be kind to members of our own faith regardless of their level of commitment or activity. The Savior has made it clear that we are not to judge one another… our obligation is to love and teach and never give up.”
  • Elder Kevin W. Pearson — Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Said that doubt has no place in the gospel.
  • Elder Rafael E. Pino — Told story of his counselor’s faith when he lost a daughter in a drowning accident.
  • Elder Richard G. Scott — Temples. Noted that Temple attendance by those living close to a new Temple falls off after the Temple is dedicated and Temple attendance becomes convenient. Reported that he tries to attend the Temple once a week, and makes up for weeks when he can’t.
  • Elder Russell M. Nelson — Prayer. ““The concept of ‘too much and unneccessary’ could also apply to the length of our prayers.  A closing prayer in a church meeting need not include a summary of each message and should not become an unscheduled sermon.”

I’m interested in seeing what your take on the session is.

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  1. good talks. Will need to reread all but esp Elder Scott. I know he said words to the effect of when one is righteous/covenant keeping they will not need to complain (ie when he talked about the loss of his wife and the loss of their two children), he said he had not need to complain as the had the peace of the Temple blessings.

    But I also think about the line from I Know That My Redeemer Lives, “He lives to hear my soul’s complaint.”

    Obviously I know we should not just sit and complain for hours on end. But I do think the Lord understands when we have those heartaches/”complaints of the soul”

    I think I see Elder Scott’s point, I totally respect and appreciate his view. But I also am grateful for that line in the above hymn.

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