Reading Nephi Reading Isaiah at BYU

This looks like the sort of conference that makes me sad at times that I don’t live in Utah:

Reading Nephi
Reading Isaiah

Sponsored by the Richard L. Evans Chair for Religious Understanding and the Mormon Theology Seminar
Wednesday 15 April 2009
BYU HBLL Auditorium (1st floor)

9 am — Jenny Webb “Slumbering Voices: Death and Textuality in 2 Nephi”
10 am — George Handley “On the Moral Challenges of Reading Scripture”
11 am — Kim Matheson “Works of Darkness: Secret Combinations and
Covenant Displacement in the Book of Mormon”
1pm — Joseph M. Spencer “Nephi, Isaiah, and Europe”
2pm — Julie Frederick “Seals, Symbols, and Sacred Texts: Sealing and the Book of Mormon”
3pm — Heather and Grant Hardy “How Nephi Shapes His Readers’
Perceptions of Isaiah”
4pm — Samuel Brown, Respondent

This conference is the result of an online seminar in scriptural theology whose aim was to produce a focused, sustained, and collaborative reading of 2 Nephi 26–27. The seminar took place over the course of several months and its proceedings can be found in their entirety at

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  1. Wish I could attend, too, all the contributions and contributors look superb. Best of luck to one and all.

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