If You See Her, Say Hello

We are delighted to announce that Ardis Parshall’s posts will be returning to T&S.  We will feature here at T&S some of the excellent content she regularly churns out at Keepapitchinin.  We expect that this will help her expand the audience for her work, while bringing more content to T&S.

19 comments for “If You See Her, Say Hello

  1. This is good news. Keepa is blocked at work, but I can read T&S, so now I can read one of my favorite bloggers again.

  2. Although not a frequent Bloggernacle commenter, I do enjoy your posts, Ardis. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing your work on T&S and Keepapitchinin!

  3. #13,

    The filter at work tells me Keepa is blocked because it is a religious blog. Apparently, T&S causes no such concerns.

    To be fair, the filter also lets me see FMH and BCC.

  4. That is good to know. It was Ardis’ articles about the effort to find a photo of Joseph Smith that drew me to make regular visits to T&S, and her invitation that got me participating as a guest blogger.

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