Holding the Messiah

On the sweetness of Mormon life.

Got home late last night–worked late, stopped by my parents to pick up a train set for my office decorations and got to reminiscing about past Christmases. The girls were already in bed. Went to change and convinced myself that I heard my littlest say ‘daddy.’ Went in and picked her up, she was awake, she was happy to see me.

I sang her a lullaby I need to practice for the ward nativity.

Lullaby, lullaby, my little one.
Lullaby, my child so dear.
Thy precious life has just begun
Thy mother holds thee near.

While Joseph watches through the night,
A star reflects thy radiant light.
Lullaby, lullaby, my little one.
Lullaby, my child so dear.

Thy gentle head shall wear a crown,
For thy father is the King.
Thy tender hands so tiny now,
Have blessings great to bring.

Let all creation join my song,
For peace and love this night are born.
Lullaby, lullaby, my little one.
Lullaby, my child so dear.

Strong emotion got me. I realized that we Saints know what Christ is up to. He aims to make this little girl of mine not just a Saint but Him. The words of the song applied to her. Some how I was holding a Messiah.

I made it through to the end. She put her head on my shoulder.

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8 comments for “Holding the Messiah

  1. Adam, although I’m not sure about the doctrine, I want to thank you for sharing your lullaby. Holding/singing to/reading to/snuggling with my toddler boy, and my not-a-baby-anymore little girl, are some of my favorite activities. Sometimes I can’t help but go in a look at them while they’re sleeping, and stroke their hair and kiss them on their cheeks and wish them goodnight again.


  2. Yes, Jonovitch, I’m usually the one to go back in and check on my sleeping kids, make sure they’re covered, and give them a little kiss, before I finally retire. (My wife, on the other hand, is justifiably content to be done with them by the end of the day.) Anyhow, thanks for this, Adam. Makes me appreciate those quiet moments with the kids.

  3. Thanks, Adam.

    My daughters are also daughters of a King – future Queens in their own right – equal in their Eternal potential to my sons. We truly do teach that she can become like Him, and I love that teaching above all else.

  4. Oh, we’re close of the Christmas. This song is very beautiful and true.
    I really do liked it. Thanks, Adam.
    This doctrine is perfect! God give us the opportunity to be like Him.
    I still don’t have kids, but I’ll have them one day. And I’ll sing this song for them.
    that’s all.

    Fernanda Ribeiro
    from Brazil.

    [AHG–Thank you, sir, for your sweet comment.]

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