Pardon our appearance…

We’ve just completed upgrading the software that runs Times and Seasons. The upgrade requires us to also update the files that control how the site looks. It may take a while for us to get Times and Seasons to the way we want it to look, so please be patient.

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  1. Jon W (2):

    I think you were assuming that we would be using the other theme permanently. While I can’t say that we won’t make a change, the idea was to upgrade the software behind the site, not necessarily the look of the site. What you saw was temporary until I could get this look we are used to back in palace (its now back, with a few small issues that still need to be resolved).

    I would like to update the theme to take advantage of the capabilities of the current version of WordPress, but I think it will take a while to do that.

    Please let us know of any problems you see, or any sugestions you have for improving our site!

  2. David (7):

    You will now find a link to the RSS feed for “Notes from All Over” below the “Notes from All Over” listing in the side bar (next to the “More Notes” link).

  3. Has anyone else lost the link list? It’s not in the sidebar nor at the bottom of my screen anymore…

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