Brigham Daniels on deck

We’d like to extend many thanks to Kent Larsen for a variety of interesting and thoughtful posts.

We also would like to welcome our newest guest, Brigham Daniels. Brigham works as a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center, where he teaches environmental law. He has been involved with LDS community, environmental law and policy, and politics for many years. So not surprisingly, Brigham intends to use his guest blogging stint to talk about Mormonism and the environment. We look forward to his posts. Welcome to the party, Brigham!

8 comments for “Brigham Daniels on deck

  1. We have an environmental lawyer-in-training in our ward, so that makes at least three.

    I had a great class in environmental history in college and have been interested in the topic ever since, so I’m looking forward to your posts. Welcome!

  2. Welcome, Brigham!

    Brigham and I were national finalists from Utah for the 1997 Truman scholarship. He won.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. It is also nice to find friends here. I am very glad to see Em is here, and I suspect that Matt–assuming I can hold his attention–may have a bone to pick with me over the next few weeks.

  4. Brigham and Randy B (comment 1, if you’re an environmental lawyer as well), would you mind dropping me an email? I have some general questions about environmental law. Many thanks.

    remove the “spambuster” and replace the dots with .

  5. Cool. I’m a first-year law student in the south/mid-west and seriously considering environmental law.
    Definitely looking forward to hear Daniel’s thoughts.

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