Welcome to Guest Blogger Kent Larsen

Times and Seasons is thrilled to have Kent Larsen as our latest guest. Kent has been very busy in book publishing in New York City for twenty years and has followed LDS publishing closely for ten years. He has also been posting on arts and media for over three years at A Motley Vision, so Kent is no newcomer to LDS weblogs. See this AMV post for more information about Kent’s many interests. Welcome, Kent.

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  1. Welcome, Kent! It’s been way, way too long (ten years? more?) since I think we last corresponded. It’s a pleasure to have another Student Review alumnus around here. Ever hear from any of the old SR-L crowd?

  2. WELCOME! WELCOME! Keeeeent Larsen. Now we wait to read your post.
    WELCOME! WELCOME! We sit longing to see which author we like the most.

  3. DKL, welcoming someone twice has long been considered a bannable offense. Watch yourself, you cretin.

    Welcome, Kent!

  4. “Be careful what you write does not offend anybody or cause problems within the company. The safest approach is to remove all useful information.” –Scott Adams

    Have fun, Kent!

  5. Thanks again for all the kind welcomes notes.

    Pat (29), you know I can’t bring myself to do that! I’m too interested in change. ¡Viva la revolución!

    Mark B. (32), I’m shocked that you don’t know Norm! He’s a good guy, but I do generally try to (and somtimes even succeed in) doing a little better than he does. Judge for yourself.

  6. Christian Cardall makes his first bloggernacle appearance in years to give a one word welcome. Cute.

  7. It’s a pleasure to have another Student Review alumnus around here.

    Student Review??? Holy cow, that’s a blast from the past.

  8. Who all were Student Review alumni? I wasn’t formally part of it but hung out in the rooms working on other projects and new lots of the guys. Sadly I’ve heard that many of them left the Church.

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