Thank you, Raymond

Thanks to Raymond Takashi Swenson for his slate of intriguing and challenging posts over the past couple of weeks. Some were provocative enough to draw out commenters who wanted to tangle in a more in-your-face way than I’m used to seeing here; others allowed commenters to share personal experiences that often don’t find a place in the Bloggernacle. Whatever the reaction of readers, I learned a few things by watching how Raymond engaged in discussion, and I once again vow to be less impatient and more responsive (I try, really I do, but it seems to come naturally to Raymond).

Thanks for your guest star turn, Raymond, and for filling your ongoing role as a regular commenter here.

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  1. >>commenters who wanted to tangle in a more in-your-face way than I’m used to seeing here…

    Sorry about that. :-)

  2. Well done. I agree with guy that Ray would be a great addition as a permanent blogger at Times and Seasons.

  3. I just got on today after a few days away, and am overwhelmed by your approbation. Thank you, Ardis, for the opportunity to participate at that heightened level. My adult children, who visit T&S, were impressed. I hope I did not run the Good Ship T&S over the sand bars too often.

    I enjoyed getting the feedback from an altogether very thoughtful and engaged group of commenters. Many of you obviously stayed awake better than I did in our classes on Western Civilization and Humanities. Responding to comments and questions helps me to get more perspective on how I have tried to explain my views and ideas and hopefully refine them, especially in the sense of making sure they are not misunderstood. There is so much rhetoric that is spewed out in the news media and the internet these days that actually engaging in dialogue is a rare opportunity.

    I hope to continue participating as a commenter as time allows.

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