One Hundred Thousand – WINNER DECLARED

Within the next few hours, T&S’s spam filter is going to announce that it has spared us from 100,000 offers of recreational pharmaceuticals, links to images of anatomically correct models in morally incorrect situations, promises of guaranteed wealth, solemn pleas from 12,394 persons of good moral character who need your help kindly Christian sir to transfer funds out of war-torn countries for to do the good Lord’s most benificent charitableness, and warnings that we will surely be cast down to the uttermost depths of hell unless we renounce our false Jesus and transfer allegiance to the god of the loving soul who has so blasphemously cursed us to bless us. You know what I mean.

So — who can guess the hour and the minute of the good Akismet’s rollover to 100,000?

Post your guesses here. Winner gets a T&S post written especially in his or her honor, a treasure I am sooooo sure will bring floods of participation. Winner to be determined by me.

99,896 and counting.

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  1. “anatomically correct models in morally incorrect situations”


    Ardis, you weren’t at T & S back in the day when we didn’t have a spam filter. Sometimes I’d wake up to find that the last 100 or 200 comments were spam that needed to be deleted by hand (Uphill. Both ways. In the snow.) before a young, impressionable reader clicked through the link.

  2. 7: Nope, but I’ve watched the ticker mount up so fast that I knew that this was either a new or a newly-installed replacement for an older model filter. If we only had nickel for every one …

    It’s 99,906 at 2:01 MST! Getcher entries (and second guesses) in!

  3. Yes, Ann, it is. That wasn’t an error, it was a FEATURE. I, uh, just wanted to, um, confuse the situation more than it already is by all these nominated time zones so that when I declare a winner everybody will be too discombobulated to argue. (As if that were ever a possibility with us!)

  4. I assume that if one specifies standard time (rather than daylight saving time), then the prediction will have to be officially recorded as standard time, rather than the current DST.

  5. Ardis, you are leading a brother astray. I am sooooooooo tempted to make a guess that the event will accur within the next five minutes, then fire up a spambot to make my prediction come true. The flesh is weak . . .

  6. Ardis, in the small print you didn’t say how many guesses we could make. Here is my second guess:

    7:37PM on Sat 4-19-08

  7. My guess is

    7:32am CDT Sunday

    For comparison with those giving their times in standard time or in other time zones, that’s

    6:32 am CST or…
    8:32 am EDT or…
    7:32 am EST or…
    6:32 am MDT or…
    5:32 am MST or…
    12:32 pm GMT

    …just to be clear…

  8. Is it a measure of the patheticness of my life that I keep looking in on this thread? Has the big moment come? Did I win? Who will write my post? What will they write about? Can I request a writer? A topic?

  9. 999,47

    Ann, it’s a measure of the dullness of my own weekend that I could think of nothing better to do with it!

    The winner is stuck with me as the writer of the honorary post since I didn’t check with any of my cobloggers about putting them at risk for having to pony up on my offer. I’ll consult with the winner.

    Thank you, Left Field, for your handy dandy little chart, which I confess I may have to resort to for reference, no matter when The Great Moment comes.

  10. /drumroll/

    By blocking the offer to get-a-student-loan-with-bad-credit, Akismet rescued us all for the 100,000th time this morning at 3:02 MDT.

    I’ve played around converting the various time zones in the guesses, and I *think* that Dennis, in comment 54, is closest by being only 20 minutes off (converting his 2:22 MST to 3:22 MDT), and I declare him the tentative winner.

    I’m open to appeal, though, through noon today, MDT, in case I haven’t converted correctly in some other case. (No appeal will be entertained based on Dennis’s having made his final estimate after I last posted the count when everybody but Dennis, Starfoxy, and me were asleep — anybody who checked T&S at that hour deserved the extra help. And a sleeping pill from one of our other 99,999 offers.)

    Thank you all for coming out to play on a dull housework day.

  11. My guess in comment 50, “0403 hours New York City’s time zone” translates to 0203 hours Salt Lake City’s time.

  12. I committed a technical foul [um since my original guess in comment #45 of “12:02 EST, 4/20,” which translates to 1:02 Eastern Daylightsavings Time, makes it so that when I tried to change my guess at 12:04 Eastern Daylightsavings Time it—was . . . too early for me to do so, so . . . no score].

  13. Shouldn’t there be some kind of award for whoever sent the spam? Like, maybe, we’ll let it through the filter just this once? Or maybe you should do an honorable mention post dedicated to the problem of student loans and bad credit. I could think of a lot of ways that the winning spam could have been a whole lot more problematic.

  14. I mean, really, if someone is ready to ask their doctor about Vigara, I can point them to 17,000 exclusive web offers.

  15. Tired of being late? Missed another important date? Others see you as lacking? We have the Answer for you! Call NOW……

  16. Bob’s ad copy reminds me of the series of “Burma Shave” signs said to have been strung along highway roadsides back in the 50s (when “highways” were little two way roads strung between the downtown districts of small towns,

    such as)

    On curves ahead

    Remember, sonny

    That rabbit’s foot

    Didn’t save

    The bunny


  17. They’ve got purpose

    They’ve got reasons

    They’ve got lots of words

    At Times and Seasons.

    Burma Shave.

  18. Nobody seems to be addressing the golrilla in the room…

    All of your posts on this thread could be considered spam….and they slipped through the filter

  19. Nobody seems to be addressing the gorilla in the room…

    All of your posts on this thread could be considered spam….and they slipped through the filter

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