From the Archives: The Greatest Mormon Halloween Costume Ever

So, that costume you’re going to wear to your ward Halloween party tonight? The one you’ve been working on for weeks? The one that you’ve consulted your parents/spouse/children/roomates/bishop/stake high council about? The one that manages to be simultaneously perfectly orthodox as well as moderately heretical, perhaps even a little risque? The one you’re so proud of?

Well, no offense, but maybe you should just chuck it and go as Bozo the Clown. Because you see, the World’s Most Perfect Mormon Halloween Costume has already been done–it was done, in fact, two years ago. And we’ve got the evidence, right here. Enjoy.

the greatest mormon halloween costume ever

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  1. I remember seeing pictures of this a couple of years ago. Instant classic.

    This year I have one monkey, 2 dragons, and a baby duck.

    90% of parents admit to taking candy out of their kids halloween bags. 10% are lying.

  2. Ha! I wonder if he had the horn, which suggested the costume, or whether he had the idea for the costume and then had to hunt up a horn? Whichever, I like knowing there are people with this wit in our culture.

    (And BBELL, work in some comment that covers my purchase of bags of miniature chocolate bars, despite the fact that there haven’t been any trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood in the years I’ve lived here.)

  3. “90% of parents admit to taking candy out of their kids halloween bags. 10% are lying.”

    Like all good parents, we claim sovereign authority over the candy our childre accumulate, dividing it into piles, one of which is STUFF THE PARENTS WANT TO EAT, the other being THAT WHICH WE FEEL IS APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN. Tootsie Rolls, of course, go in the former pile.

  4. Great costume!

    As a teenager (back in the late 60s), I took part in a pumpkin carving/decorating contest at Mutual one October. We had materials available (beyond the pumpkins themselves), so — after carving a fairly standard and tame face on the pumpkin — I rolled up some aluminum foil into a cigar shape, painted the end red, used a bit of a cotton ball to simulate smoke, and stuck it in the pumpkin\’s mouth.

    I called it a Jack O\’Mormon. ..bruce..

  5. A friend of mine would offer his three boys a dollar for each pound of candy they brought home, and then ration it out to them, stretching the stockpile until Christmas. Or they could keep their mountain of sugar for themselves, gobble it down in two days, and be left with nothing after that.

    They opted for the cash. Smart dad.


  6. I’ve heard of one guy who wore a suit and tie for a costume. Introduced himself as the “bishop” and instead of giving candy, he issued “calls” to people. Real scary!

  7. Last year we had two Primary aged boys from the ward come Trick or Treating as missionaries, complete with nametags.

  8. When I was on my mission, I put a pillow under my suit jacket and said it was my yearmark. It took people a couple of seconds to get the joke, but it still ranks as one of my favorite costumes – if mostly because it was the easiest costume ever made.

  9. You’ll have to visualize this. A friend told me he saw someone (in a single’s ward?) who had gotten a big refrigerator box, cut holes for his arms and legs and head, then he wrapped it up and put a big bow on it, with a giant card on the side of the giant man-present that read: “To: Women — From: God.”



  10. #13- that is so grea, very clever!! Maybe I could do the opposite next year, ie put a tag that says “to men, from God.”

  11. The coolest costume I ever saw was while I was on my mission. A teacher in the ward (who ended up being probably the coolest kid I met on my mission) went to school dressed as a missionary with his dad’s stake-missionary nametag, only he put tape over his last name, and put my last name over it instead. He was me. Narcissistic, but cool.

    Ironically, in that same area, the Bishop has been in the Salt Lake papers several times for travelling from Oregon to Utah to trick or treat with his grandkids in different immaculate costumes. However, the three years prior, he had gone as The wicked queen in snow white, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and one other female Disney character. He said, “The crowds like me more when I’m dressed as a woman.” Interesting.

  12. Adam, one year we had a lawyer come to our ward Halloween Party dressed in his suit with legal documents attached all over. He was a “lawsuit”.
    I love the Moroni Angel costume. But black hair? Shouldn’t the hair be gold too?

  13. If that guy was really good, he’d also have a big round globe thingie that he’d have to balance on and maneuver to get around on.

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