Now working on my final guest post. Thought I’d toss a (non-related) bone in the meantime:

Here are ten candid, insightful, courageous pieces from Segullah’s back issues. Enjoy!

Take Root Downward, Bear Fruit Upward
By Sara Greenwood
Painful, poignant, powerful vignettes about the life and death of Betsey Pearl Greenwood.

You Just Have to Love
By Elona Knighton Shelley
When a teenage son tells you he’s gay, what’s a mother to do?

Barcelona, Venezuela: 1998
By Brittney Carman
Easy faith disintegrates when faced with gangrene.

When Life Begins
By Kerry Spencer
Infertility, in-vitro fertilization, and an insistent question.

By Nancy Soper
Two grandsons became sons–and then grandsons again.

Living Water
(name withheld)
Healing spiritually after choosing abortion.

Becoming We
By Johanna Buchert Smith
Do-gooder learns tough lessons in an African village.

Angels of Mercy
By Darlene Young
If you read only one poem in your lifetime about a boob job, make it this one.

we all hate to be alone
By Johnna Benson Cornett
“Is it fair to write poems about babies?” Johnna asked (referring to the emotional gimme). And the answer is yes, if you do it like this.

Blood and Milk
By Sharlee Mullins Glenn
Poetic wistfulness and satisfaction regarding the road not taken.

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  1. “Wow,” said my wife upon reading “Blood and Milk” – her voice catching as she said it. (All of them are wonderful, but that one hit her particularly, as it mirrors her own life so well.)

    Thanks, Kathryn – for this post and for your others.

  2. Blood and Milk reminds me of a ditty that got quoted in Conference one time and stuck in my memory. I guess you could take it as bitter, but I take it as proud.

    To My Children

    You are the trip I did not take.
    You are the jewels I could not buy.
    You are my blue, Italian lake.
    You are my piece of foreign sky.

  3. Thanks for your posts. I’ll miss having them to read. I’ll look for more on Segullah.

  4. Adam, thanks for reminding me about that poem.

    And thank you, Ray and plover.

    Here’s a good place for a shameless plug:

    Yes, you can read Segullah for free online, but you’re missing out if you don’t subscribe to our printed issues! There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with something good to read. Kinda hard to curl up with a computer. Also, the print issues have visual art from our featured artist (this issue it’s Jacqui Larsen) and photos of the contributors.

    Subscriptions are $15 for one year (three issues). You can subscribe here: http://segullah.org/subscription

    Gift subscriptions are available: http://segullah.org/giftsubscription

    Subscriptions will begin with our Summer 2007 issue. If you’re interested in purchasing our Spring 07 issue, Tabernacles: The Mortal Body, you can do so here: http://segullah.org/spring2007/

  5. Kathryn,
    I discovered Segullah after receiving the recent Woodbine Publishing catalog. Your new book is on my wish list. My daughter, Eleanor has Down Syndrome, and she is, well, unbelievably and breathtakingly wonderful. But I did not know at the beginning that it would be so.

    Thank you for all the beautiful writing.

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