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The trailer is now online for PBS’s up-coming documentary extravaganza on “The Mormons.” You’ll be happy to know that the Bloggernacle had a bit part in the series’ production. Two or three years ago I received a somewhat odd telephone call from a woman who informed me that she was doing research for a PBS documentary on the Mormons. She said that she had been Googling “Mormons” and had come across Times & Seasons and other Mormon blogs. Could I talk. There followed a series of telephone conversations and email exchanges that stretched over a couple of months. The researcher had clearly been reading the blogs, and asked me questions on a number of posts that I had written, as well as discussions that she had read on other blogs. As far as I know nothing explicitly from the Bloggernacle made it into the final product. (But perhaps I am wrong? Did any Mormon bloggers do on-camera interviews for the series?) On the other hand, we do seem to have been a “deep background” source. It will be fun to see what comes of it.

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  1. A film crew from the documentary showed up in my branch last year and filmed one of our African-American members bearing her testimony. I’ll be interested to see if the clip made it past the editing room.

  2. Interesting. From what I have heard, it sounds like they had a great deal of official church cooperation. It seems to me like there is an attitude in SLC that it is better to cooperate and at least have an official voice present in the story, rather than try to stonewall and then dismiss unfavorable attention.

  3. So, should we now refer to the Bloggernacle as “Deep ‘nacle”?

    I’m hearing more and more about this series and am looking forward to it. Thanks for this update Nate as well as the trailer link.

  4. Thats a freaky trailer. Sure y’all aren’t Danite cultists? Don’t hold out on me now.

  5. The voice is a little “in another place and time…”, but the trailer certainly piqued my interest… funny to see Trevor Southey and, oh man, his name just escaped me… anyway, funny to see to prominent gay mormons (if culturally, only) in there.

  6. I spoke with Helen at some length too. She also interviewed my grandmother briefly about her experience opposing the ERA as a stake Relief Society President in Missouri during that heated controversy. I doubt highly that either of these conversations will be in the final piece though.

  7. Good thing they didn’t title it “LDS at PBS”. Looks like it’s going to be Mormon through and through.

  8. I did a couple interviews for them too, I think it was them anyway, seems like such a long time ago, I assume it’s the same people though, how many Mormon pbs documentaries could there be? A camera crew did go and interview my bbf. I wonder if she makes the final edit.

  9. They interviewed a member of my stake presidency (and friend of mine), who is black, but I have no idea whether he will make the final cut.

  10. Watch for the bit about the secret memos from SLC to all priesthood quorums, instructing Mormon elders to write their congressman and demand a ban on all coffee and tea imports. I was only kidding about this, but I think they took me seriously in my interview.

    Aaron B

  11. They came and filmed my children. Then they took them away. Except, they weren’t from PBS, their vans said “CPS”. Probably the same thing though. I’m sure the kids’ll be back after the show airs.

  12. (Is it just me or does anyone else conjure a mental image of some Bloom County character when Russell makes certain comments, like “[Raises hand]”?)

  13. Who Moroni gots some crazy hair!

    I like the pattern of swelling upbeat music when showcasing the good stuff and then duh duh dah-queue the solemn the music for the controversial stuff.

    It looks really interesting. I’m excited.

  14. I watched it without sound. That was Moroni? I thought it was a picture of Joseph Smith with Horns. Where did they dig that picture up?!?

  15. The horned JS is a painting by Kirk Richards.

    During the Summer Seminar at BYU last year, Terryl Givens and Richard Bushman did several interviews with Helen Whitney and were very excited about the project. I think the doc she produced, “Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero” was one of the most astonishing films I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty excited.

  16. The painting is part of the amazing production of J. Kirk Richards, one of our best Mormon artists of the moment, with IMO a brilliant career ahead. The painting briefly shown in the PBS trailer is entitled “IDEA”, pronounced [ee-day-ah]. It does not say it depicts a particular person. Visit his gallery at http://art.jkirkrichards.com/.

  17. For the record (#21), Margaret Young is still a permablogger at T&S and did a guest stint at BCC.
    So what do y’all think about this media attention the Mormons are getting? Is some kind of wave cresting? Where does it take us?

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