Primary Lesson #8 Supplement

Primary Lesson #8 Supplement

ATTENTION ACTIVITY: Before class, place a handful of coins on a table and cover with a sheet of paper. Next to it, place a green hymn book on the table and cover with a sheet of paper. Read Alma 5:14 and discuss what it means to have God’s image in your countenance. Invite one child to rub across the surface of one of your papers with a crayon and another child to rub the other paper with a crayon. Then show the two images on the papers. Explain that just as the paper took on the image of what was near and ‘important’ to it, we take on the image of that which we prioritize. Explain that today’s lesson will focus on a scripture story where some people thought money was very important.

ATTENTION ACTIVITY: If you have any foreign currency at home, bring it and show it to your class. Explain that when people travel, they sometimes have to exchange currency. In the scripture story today, people traveling to the Temple in Jerusalem had to exchange currency but they were taken advantage of by people who didn’t give them a fair exchange. Ask: How do you think Jesus responded to this unfairness?

FAIR TRADE GAME: Cut about two dozen light green pieces of paper so they are roughly the size of dollar bills. Write various phrases on them describing blessings we enjoy (such as: God created a beautiful Earth, our parents love and support us, our teachers help us learn, etc.) and then write two reactions to each phrase—one fair and one unfair (example: for ‘God created a beautiful Earth’ write ‘throw trash on the ground’ and ‘put trash in the trash can’). To play, hand out all of the reactions to your students and then read the blessings one at a time. Ask if anyone has a ‘fair trade’ for you. Explain that just as Jesus responded to those who didn’t trade fairly, we will be blessed—or may not receive blessings—based on whether our responses are a ‘fair trade.’

TEMPLE CRAFT: “Sharing Time: A House of God,” Friend, Mar 2002, contains a craft involving scriptures related to preparing to attend the Temple.

GAME: “Walking Where Jesus Walked,” Friend, Feb 2003, contains a game that reviews the life of Jesus and mentions the cleansing of the temple.

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