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Nothing exciting here, just an administrative note: I’ve been posting materials for studying the Sunday School lesson materials on Times and Seasons for a while. However, there is another site, Feast upon the Word, that has made providing aids for scripture study its goal, and it has recently added a blog for study materials and teaching materials, with more than one person writing study questions. That is a more natural place for me to put my study materials, so I have moved them there, to the Feast upon the Word Blog.

Of course, I will continue to put other things up at Times and Seasons, but if you are looking for the questions I’ve written for studying the Sunday School assignments, please go to Feast upon the Word Blog.

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  1. Jim:

    Marilyn will be really pleased to see that you are still posting these. She was afraid you weren’t going to be doing them this year. We both really appreciate you efforts — with my HC travels (a bit more extensive here in Ohio than they would be in Utah Valley!) I do not always get to Sunday School, so pulling down your posts (and a couple of other each week) and looking them over as I pass them along to her helps me to keep in touch with things, and of course she is grateful to have extra resources for her preparation each week.

    Thanks again for your efforts!

  2. I guess I’ll have to bookmark Feast Upon the Word in order to steal blatantly for all my lessons…glad you’re still doing them, though, everybody in my ward thinks I know so much about the Bible, hee hee. I tell them it’s you, but they don’t believe me. :)

  3. NehringK: I’m glad to hear these are helpful. (And I apologize that I still haven’t responded to your ms. It is in the “to do” list.)

    The Wiz: Refer your ward members to Feast Upon the Word and let them find out for themselves.

  4. Hopefully the Primary materials will stay here, Julie M Smith… the new blog looks very oriented towards the adult Gospel Doctrine and Phood/RS lessons & maybe not as valuable for youth & Primary teachers.

  5. I have printed out the lesson supplement and thoroughly enjoyed studying it. I know Bruce will enjoy reading it when he gets home. He has been working on our annual Christmas Quiz, and has actually made it gradeable. (Here’s the link: )
    I have spent some time today collecting pictures of the Savior–many at the Distribution Center and some at the BYU Museum of Art. (I could get them for as little as a dime at the Distribution Center.) I am also going to bring my large picture of Black Jesus, and several others to my Sunday School class. I’m not sure how interested the youth will be in “logos,” but we’ll at least introduce it. (I often point out that the Spanich translation of “Word” in John 1 is “Verbo,” not “palabra.”)

  6. Thanks for the heads-up, Jim. Your lesson aids have been very helpful to me both as a GD teacher and as a student of the Gospel! Please keep at it! :)

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