Jonathan Green joins Times and Seasons

The rumors are true: Jonathan Green has agreed to come on board Times and Seasons as our newest permablogger.

Jonathan is a 10th-level Sage with proficiencies in Ancient Manuscript Handling, Linguistic Legerdemain, Reluctant and Overprotective Archivist Intimidating, Transatlantic Airline Survival, and Overcrowded Minivan Navigation. He speaks English, German, Ye Mittle German, Ye Alte German, Sindarin, a smattering of Klingon, and Orc. Amongst his blogging weapons are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope–(wait….sorry, wrong reference; start again)–His blogging weapons include sarcasm, dramatic irony, metaphor, bathos, puns, parody, litotes and satire. Like all wandering academics, he has a fairly low Armor Class, but is currently in the process of forging a +4 Curriculum Vitae of Smiting, which he hopes to eventually trade it in for some Chain Mail of Tenured Invulnerability. When closely pressed, and his internet connection is down, he is capable of throwing either his laptop or his youngest child for 1d4+3 points of damage.

You can read his old posts here. Meanwhile, as the Swedish Chef might say: velcume-a tu zee blug, Junethun!

14 comments for “Jonathan Green joins Times and Seasons

  1. Bravo! I hope the new apprentice casts a Spell of Rejuvenating Energy on T&S. But you’ve got to keep an eye on those apprentices …

  2. Hooray! One of my favorite people!
    Looking forward to the bathos, legerdemain, and smiting!

  3. Thanks for the kind introduction. I really think my biggest contribution to T&S will be to summarily delete any comments made by DKL or any of his aliases (“Miranda,” “Arturo Toscanini,” “a Random John,” “TheologianX,” “Languatron,” and “Bryce Inouye,”) as well as any comment containing the word “fondue.” Also, I’m breaking the deadlock over sending Frank to a Maoist re-education camp by voting in favor of it.

  4. Excellent! As a graduate of a community Klingon-language course (no, really–taught by David Barron–but it was about 12 years ago), and a fan of languages in general, I hope that your contributions will include many posts regarding language issues.

    Now that I’ve outed myself as one of the I’ve-gone-to-great-lengths-to-be-nerdy ‘naclezens, Q’pla!

  5. Welcome Jonathan! Although I’d have thought you’d be more partial to the Marxist re-education camps. Oh well, if it is a Great Leap Forward you want, then that is what you’ll get!

  6. Finally! We have a left-leaning humanities type on the blog. It is about time we got one…

    Now if we could just find a lawyer to join our midst…

  7. Luckily, it only takes one Germanist to leaven a lump of lawyers!

    I’m looking forward to your posts, Jonathan.

  8. “Now if we could just find a lawyer to join our midst… ”

    Half my elders’ quorum is lawyers. I appreciate the respite here.

  9. I don’t understand a word of RAF’s welcome, but I’m happy to have the best-ever post-er of “Notes From All Over” on board. Welcome!

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