McBride, Michael

We are happy to welcome Michael McBride as a guest-blogger. Mike studies happiness, religion, and the politics of development at UC-Irvine. Naturally, this means he’s an economist. His happiness research was recently in the news here . That’s right, only the cutting edge stuff makes it onto T&S!

Mike studied a bunch of economics at USC as an undergrad, then crossed over to Yale where he studied a whole bunch more and got a doctorate. He then hurried back to Southern California so he could be better positioned to cheer on USC sports and the Lakers.

Mike is married to Caroline de Exponent-II-blog and they are happily expecting some sort of hybrid feminist-economist baby boy to join them in August. Welcome, Mike!

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  1. Yes, what a strange beast our child will be. What do you call such a hybrid? An ecominist? A feconomist?

    Whatever you call him, he’ll be the first five year old to statistically estimate the impact of the Church’s discouragement of mothers in the workforce on its tithing receipts.

    As a part-time lurker, I shall do my best to be original. Even dry if necessary.

  2. Michael McBride? as in the character played by Sean Connery in that St. Patrick’s Day classic “DARBY O’GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE”?

  3. Actually, Sheldon, you’ve got the wrong McBride. I’m the guy featured on the Hallmark Channel’s new hit series “McBride” and played by John Larroquette of Night Court fame. From the website:

    “McBride is a former cop turned defense attorney, whose laid-back lifestyle belies his keen insight into the criminal mind… He has an on-again-off-again relationship with plainclothes police detective Roberta Hansen, and acts as mentor to former public defender and would-be private eye, Phil Newberry.”

    Please don’t tell my wife about Roberta even though it was in my past.

    And don’t be tricked by my laid-back lifestyle. I have keen insight into your mind.

  4. Somehow, feconomist sounds like a dirty word.

    Cheers for Mike. As you\’ve already recommended for the press, I will strive to have low expectations of you. Actually, I\’m generally delighted by your insightfulness on and off line, but I\’m willing to give your theory a try in order to ejoy life more.

  5. Mike,

    “Yes, what a strange beast our child will be. What do you call such a hybrid?”

    I don’t know, but unless you take some drastic steps he could end up being very very boring at parties.

  6. “People ask me all the time, ‘What do you learn about happiness? What’s the secret to happiness?’ ” McBride said. His standard answer, only half-kidding: “Low expectations.”

    As Dora suggests, I think we’re all likely to be very happy with Mike as a guest blogger . . .

    But seriously, I’m looking forward to your posts. And I agree that you need a better neologism than feconomist. Econofem?

  7. OK, Dora. So feconomist doesn’t work. Kaimi’s econofem sounds better, I agree. But it also sounds like the rejected idea for a Transformer robot. You know, like a forest green Volvo that turns into a bra burning female figure.

    Frank, sounds like you’ve thought about the problem of boring children… Hmm…

    Hyrum, are you one of the Hyrums I know personally?

  8. Mike, it hasn’t been a problem yet, but wait until I teach them Ricardian Equivalence and the Keynesian Cross…

  9. Mike,

    The econofem only burns her bra when a cost-benefit analysis suggests that she should do so.

    The behavioral econofem tests how people feel when you give them a bra, then take it away and burn it, versus if you never gave them the bra to begin with.

    The Mormon behavioral econofem looks for feminist concerns in the Endowment – and also looks for endowment effects. If you gave women the Priesthood and then took it away, would they be less happy than if they’d never gotten it to begin with?

  10. I remember the good ole days when Mike used to ask me to run interference for him at ward dances and tell me about the reservations he would have with marrying a woman who wouldn’t change her last name.

    Love changes a man.

    He also told me once he doesn’t like to blog. Wha’ happened?

    I can’t wait to see what you have to say, Mike.

  11. #11 “reservations he would have with marrying a woman who wouldn’t change her last name . . . ”

    #0 “is married to Caroline de Exponent-II-blog . . . ”

    I have to think that if my own last name were “de Exponent-II blog” I’d change it upon marriage, feminist values or not!

  12. Yep, Frank, the Keynesian Cross is an automatic conversation stopper.

    Kaimi #10, you win my ultimate compliment, the IWIST (I wish I said that). You’re cleverer than you look!

    Brian G., “Wha’ happened?” You’re girlimanliness inspired me!

  13. Yep. We’re part of the Gondo Gang. :) Email me at hyrum_savage at upperdeck (dot) com when you get the chance.

  14. “Yes, what a strange beast our child will be. What do you call such a hybrid? An ecominist? A feconomist?”

    The beast prophesied in Revelations? One shudders to think.

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