Welcome….The Mysterious RT!

(Actually, “J. Nelson Seawright,” but that “Roasted Tomatoes” moniker is too good not to use….)

Times and Seasons is delighted to continue our Super Bloggernacle Tour by bringing onboard for a guestblogging stint another one of the Bloggernacle’s finest talents, Brother Seawright, a regular contributor at By Common Consent and the co-proprietor of the fine blog, LDS Liberation Front. J. is a Latin Americanist and political scientist by training, and a curious, thoughtful, provocative but always sympathetic Saint by nature. J. Nelson, welcome!

6 comments for “Welcome….The Mysterious RT!

  1. Bienvenue! And looking forwards to your posts, after reading so many great comments signed RT on various threads. By the way, will you explain the pseudo RT? … “A Platonic ideal version of ourselves, that is hidden by acquiescence to societal demands?”

  2. Geoff, Frank, and Wilfried, thanks for your welcomes! Wilfried, my pseudonym, “RoastedTomatoes,” has a terribly prosaic origin; the weekend when I was choosing an online name for Mormon-themed discussions, my wife and I were oven-roasting a huge bumper crop of tomatoes from our garden so that we could preserve them for the winter. The house was filled with the smell of roasting tomatoes and so I chose the obvious name. I still like the name; it’s memorable and fun. But now I’m stuck with my real name, as well…

  3. Ahh!, RT, that’s a great explanation for your name. Were I choosing, it would be something like “Freshly Chopped Basil.” Welcome to T&S, I don’t know how well you would go with the others here, but you go excellently with FCB. Buon appetito!

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