Hexing the Pentateuch

Accounting firms move by subtraction: The Big Eight becomes the Big Six becomes the Big Five Four Three Two; eventually we will hit the Big Zero and financial statements will be unaudited thereafter. The nacle trends in the other direction: The Big Three have long maintained pourous borders with FMH and Bloggernacle Times. Now, a recent string of great posts at Zelophehad’s Daughters makes me wonder whether the time has come to hex the Pentateuch and slip them in neatly between Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The Big Six, anyone? It has a nice ring to it, no?

(Those daughters do need (eventually) to procure a better technical set-up. Maybe we’ll see them on WordPress or B2E some day. In the interim, hopefully Christian — is he really the only bloggernacker to have a recent comments feed on a blogspot blog? — can give them any needed pointers about putting recent comments into an RSS feed.)

11 comments for “Hexing the Pentateuch

  1. Hahaha, Kaimi!

    I have to second the support of ZD. I just blogrolled them, myself, today. Good stuff getting going there; no doubt!

    I’m an absolute WordPress dovtee, and, thus, I must second that suggestion as well.

  2. So, for those of us a little less familiar with the lay of the land, what are the Big Three? (Or, what other two besides T&S?)

  3. Christian’s not the only one — we have recent comments feed at UoM.

    ZD’s an awesome blog, though — I’ve really enjoyed reading it, and love the title. Nothing says erudition like Zelophehad…

  4. Arwyn, I saw the link for your main feed but no link for a comments feed. Where is it?

    I will explain my trick for getting a comments feed on Blogger, but not here… Being a solo blogger always in need of content, I have to at least get a post out of it…

  5. Um, I used Ebenezer Orthodoxy’s Bloggerhacks code to get recent comments when FPR was on blogger. I believe that the code or a link to it is still available at the old site.

  6. Oh! Comments feed — as in, something you can subscribe to? Heh. No, we don’t have one of those. But I look forward to your post on how to do it so we can get one!

  7. If it’s true that the church’s members are mostly conservative, I find it a little odd that at least three of websites listed above are along the lines of “I like the church, but…” Is it simply that those feeling marginalized (even if still faithful) are more likely to try to find like minded members?

  8. Kaimi, That’s very kind of you to give us such good press. When we started this thing, I think we figured we’d be blogging more or less to each other. We’re all pretty shy (except Melyngoch, who unaccountably came out extraverted) so slipped quietly in between Numbers and Deuteronomy might be just right for us.

    Thanks too for the suggestion about WordPress. Lynnette, our resident technical guru, theologian, moderator, and true oldest child, says she’s drooling over its features, so we’re doing some considering.

  9. is he really the only bloggernacker to have a recent comments feed on a blogspot blog?

    No, he really isn’t the only bloggernacker to have the recent comments feed on blogspot – that is, if we can be counted worthy enough to be called “bloggernackers”.

    And, as you know Kaimi, not only have we been considering the transition to WordPress, we plan on making the transition ASAP. Thanks for the pointers you gave me about spam blocking etc.!

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