Guest blogger: J. Stapley

We’re happy to announce our latest guest: J. Stapley, a true bloggernacle fixture. Who is J.? Good question. On his home blog (or one of them), he writes of himself:

I was born in the lovely Pacific NW, but spent my teenage years in the Midwest. I graduated with a BS from BYU. I am Mormon and served as Missionary in France and Belgium. I have a Ph.D. in carbohydrate chemistry from Purdue and have returned to the Seattle area for a season. I am Executive VP of a start-up. I married my wife Kathryn Maxfield (of SLC, and certifiable awesome) in 2000 and have two kids.

J. currently blogs at Splendid Sun and some other blog. J. is also a founding member of the . . . what is it called, again? Mormon Artichoke? Mormon Archaeopteryx? Something like that. And as any regular bloggernacle reader knows, J. is a veritable fountain of smart, friendly comments.

Welcome aboard, J.!

(And as a side note — I would be remiss not to note that T&S has now won by forfeit the Battle of the Guest-Blogging J.’s, as the competition has surrendered).

10 comments for “Guest blogger: J. Stapley

  1. Welcome, J. I’d love to hear you relate that PhD in carbohydrate chemistry to current diet fads and your opinion thereof.

  2. So first Geoff and Now J….

    Is this some sort of Scam way of apologizing for demoting T&S to the lower regions? Or is it a way for T&S to suck up to you guys in hopes of getting promoted again?

    I mean it’s working and all, but I’d like to know.

  3. Merci! Alas, Kaimi, were I a true blogaholic, I would be a font of witty and well written posts and not attract the ire of my compatriots for issuing what sparsity I do manage to get written on the ancient of days.

    I hadn’t thought of that Julie, but your wish may now indeed be granted.

  4. I join Wilfried in saying bienvenue and I second Julie’s interest in carbs and diet fads. Looking forward to what you have to say.

  5. Matt, it is neither. Rather, I hope that we are simply congenial fellows – all willing to blog in joy and happiness. Though the icon would be sweet. ;)

  6. Hello MaryAA! Many of my favorite people are still in West Lafayette (and I may swing by in a couple of weeks). You are not in the ward that I so fondly remember, but no doubt we share many aquaintances. Cheers!

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