Enlisting the Snarky Amongst Us

Several years ago I ran a marathon. As anyone who has run a marathon can tell you, training for it is a lot of work. I tend to be a pretty undisciplined person, so when I started training for the marathon, I decided that I needed some sort of commitment device to keep me on schedule. My solution was to tell all of my friends and family that I was training for a marathon, indeed that I would be running a marathon in the fall. That way I got my sense of shame to discipline me. If I slacked off and didn’t train, then I would be awfully embarrassed when I didn’t run the marathon in the fall. It worked. Fear of shame kept me on schedule, and I finished the Richmond Marathon. (With an absolutely abysmal time, I might add.)

This post is a similar exercise. Blogging at Times & Seasons and reading and (sporadically) commenting elsewhere in the Bloggernacle has been taking up way too much of my time of late. I am behind at work. I am behind on other projects. I need to get caught up and spend more time with my family. So I am going to be taking a hiatus from the Bloggernacle for a bit. I am sure that I will end up coming back, but for at least the next month and a half, I will not be posting here. This isn’t a grand exit. The only reason that I am posting this is because I know that I can count on folks to mock me mercilessly if I go back on my commitment and post anything before March 1st. In short, I am enlisting the snarky amongst us to keep me on the straight and narrow.

10 comments for “Enlisting the Snarky Amongst Us

  1. Nate,

    Shouldn’t you be doing something more useful than posting this kind of nonsense at T&S?

  2. Hey Nate,

    You better not be reading this comment. Get a life! (It’s just blogging, bro.) ;-)

    (Good luck on your offline catch-up project. Don’t let Heather quit too though.)

  3. Sheesh, Nate, the only reason I even own a computer is to read every last piece of scintillating prose that comes out of your fingertips. What a waste this new Dell desktop purchase has turned out to be. Heck, I might as well move back to my isolated Montana cabin now, and build bombs.

    You could have chosen to do what I do: Play the part of a Big 3 permablogger, but don’t actually post anything of value more than once every six weeks. It irritates J.Stapely and Steve Evans to no end, but at least you don’t have to announce a formal hiatus, and everyone assumes you’re hovering around, even when you’re not…

    Aaron B

  4. Noman:
    I have been frankly amazed that you are such a sedulous public diarist. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Enjoy your time away from the digital ephemera.

  5. I tried that Nate. It didn’t work for me. If the snark factor works, maybe I’ll try it again. My to do list is unreal.

    And Aaron B, what is this Big3 of which you speak? Is math not your forte?

  6. Sorry, fMhLisa, but I am like the holy prophets of ancient times who penned the holy scriptures: Though there be many women in my world, they rarely get acknowledged in my writings. :)

    Aaron B

  7. Nate,

    Publish your IP address and ask those blog admins that can to ban your IP. Not just for posting but for reading as well.

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