Credit where credit is due

We have regular cause to be grateful to our tech-savvy readers who provide us with technical advice. Most recently, we’ve gotten some helpful tips from the blogger otherwise known as Miranda Park Jones David King Landrith.

Our recent comments had been slightly on the blink since the upgrade to WordPress 1.5. The “more recent comments” page wasn’t working correctly, and was stuck on ten. This sat on my to-do list for a while (towards the back of the list) as I dealt with other things. Then David e-mailed me to point out the problem, and I mentioned that I had seen it but wasn’t sure why it wasn’t working right. He quickly e-mailed back with a short and easy suggestion that worked perfectly. As a result, more recent comments is fully functional once more.

It’s well known that we’ve had some dust-ups in the past with David. Less well known is that this isn’t the first time that he has e-mailed me to offer technical help. Like J. Stapley and Bryce Inouye — who also regularly pitch in to fix or streamline numerous little things around T&S — he’s generous with his technical advice, and we appreciate that.

7 comments for “Credit where credit is due

  1. Thanks to DKL, J. Stapely, Brother Inouye, and the rest of those who offer free technical advice…

  2. Minima maxima sunt. Gratias vobis ago, Landrithe, Stapleye et Inouye.

    (Well, I had to find something out of the ordinary to say thanks).

  3. Honored to be mentioned in such company for my minor contributions. Thanks. I am sad though that I got latin and not French from my spiritual compatriot frère Wilfried.

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