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  1. A very bold move. I’m sure many die hard male football fans (of any team) will sign up their wives/significant others in the hopes of teaching them the fundamentals of the great game.

  2. So they’re going to start recruiting girls? Did they get their most recent issue of SI, see the picture of the all-girls football team, and then decide that was the direction in which they needed to move?

  3. Perhaps its a way to get back funding for all the Men’s sports BYU had to dump under title IX. If Football becomes co-ed, then it more easily balances out and will allow for wrestling and Men’s gymnastics again. ;-)

  4. It’s a long term breeding program, to ensure the future success of BYU football. But I think it smacks of eugenics and I disapprove.

  5. Not to be serious or anything, but this is clearly an attempt to generate more ticket sales by getting wives and daughters to come with their husbands and fathers. One of the North Carolina schools did something similar, as I recall.

  6. Julie:

    It does not have to be a Homer(ic) idea to get women involved in football. Women may choose to participate in the program because they want to learn the sport so that they can spend more quality time with their sons and spouses– an act of love. I have been a huge football fan (I played in high school and college) all my life. My wife knew this before we were married and while we were dating. While I was serving my mission she made a concerted effort learn the game (primarily by watching a lot of it on TV). By the time I retruned she had turned into a rabid football fan thanks in large part, I think, to the fact that her “study” coincided with Steve Young becoming the starter in San Fran. That’s been the best thing to happen to our marriage. Now we both can enjoy the games together and the best part is that for the past five years we spend our anniversay attending the MNF game closest to our aniversary date.

  7. I just signed up my wife because she already loves football (and she was already planning on being in Utah that day). She thought it was a great gift. I, on the other hand, have very little interest in football or spectator sport in general.

    Julie, about Homer’s bowling ball: On my parents’ first wedding anniversary, my dad bought my mom a fly rod and reel. She hadn’t fished a day in her life, and had no interest in starting. Fortunately, the rig fit my dad’s hands too. Still married 40 years later.

  8. This is a very old and lame cheer, but I can’t pass up the chance to share it with the younger generation who may not have heard it:

    BYU! BYU!
    Where the girls are girls,
    And the boys are too.

    USU! USU! (or U of U)
    Where the boys are boys,
    and the girls are too.

    Times are a changing.

  9. my son is married to Brandon Doman’s sister. He’s supposed to be the main recruiter now. His wife is much more attractive than he is, so he should take her on all the recruiting trips.

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