Slight template changes

are being made.

To wit:

1. I expanded the blogroll again, and added a new category. Eventually, I’m going to try to make it collapsible. (I’ve been meaning to look into this for a few months).

2. I pulled the “most popular” list. It was a horrible snag in building the page. The page now renders in .3 seconds on a regular basis; previously, it was often in the 7 or 8 second range. Perhaps I’ll find a way to add it back in.

3. I did some general tidying up of the blogroll. Not a lot, but some.

7 comments for “Slight template changes

  1. I really don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about what’s going on with the template outside the template. Even when there are slight template changes, such matters are best discussed only inside the template.

  2. Can I just say I much prefer the blogroll when it is NOT collapsible. I like being able to identify other LDS blogs at a glance, without having to move my mouse over there and scroll down some list.

    Aaron B

  3. I’m with Aaron. I prefer to see the blogs listed. If I’m looking at the blog, I will sometimes glance at the side-links if they are apparent. But I almost never hit the scroll-down button.

  4. I’m all for expanding the lists as well. It makes it much easier to open in a new tab.

    Also, you could probably calculate the “most popular” list once a day. How often does it change anyhow? You could then just include that pre-calculated list in the main page without any penalty.

  5. I’m going to encourage all of my friends to comment here, so that “Slight Template Changes” will be at the top of the Most Popular list when it is reinstated.

  6. Is there a good reason why the comments pop-up window cannot be made wider by the user? (And why the text is forced to be a certain width?)

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